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  1. Timeless Classics: Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

    Timeless Classics: Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

    While some dads may work hard to keep up with the latest trends, tunes and TikToks, we think there’s something to be said for the timeless guy.

    Forget your fluoro shirts and skinny jeans: from his wardrobe to his possessions, your dad is just a real classic, with a penchant for items that are stylish, functional, and fuss-free.

    Fortunately for him, this year’s Father’s Day collection features a whole selection of timeless classics: gifts that will never go out of style.

    What are the best Father’s Day gift ideas?

    From wallets and

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  2. Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Planning

    Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Planning

    We’ve helped countless couples in their wedding journey over the years – and now we can help you too!

    From bonbonnieres to bridal party etiquette, we’ve just about seen it all, so we’ve put together top dos and don’ts of wedding planning to ensure your trip to the aisle is as smooth as possible.

    Getting Started

    DO create a moodboard of what you would like your big day to look like, at the very beginning of your wedding journey (or possibly before the question is popped for some keen beans!)

    This way, you will be able t

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  3. Why the Best Gifts Always Come in a Box

    Why the Best Gifts Always Come in a Box

    Gift boxes are the perfect way to create suspense and intrigue, no matter what the celebration.

    Whether it’s a milestone birthday, anniversary or corporate gift, there’s a magical moment that comes when you open a gift boxed gift and catch a glimpse of what’s inside.

    Whatever the occasion, and whoever the recipient, this universal gift maximises the mystery and magic of every celebration. Here we share some of our favourites with you!

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  4. 6 Secrets of Great Corporate Gifting

    6 Secrets of Great Corporate Gifting

    A truly great corporate gift is one that leaves a lasting positive impression and genuinely reflects the brand or business it is representing.

    Personalised Favours has a long history in creating unique and memorable corporate gifts designed to spark new business and strengthen existing relationships, helping your brand to be top of mind, every time.

    Here we share with you the secrets to great corporate gifting that will help you be remembered, for all the right reasons.

    1. Relevance

    A successful corporate gift is relevant to its recipients needs and activities and represents an alignment with the brand or business it

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  5. Unique Mother’s Day Gifts for Every Mum

    Unique Mother’s Day Gifts for Every Mum

    What type of mum is yours?

    Whether she’s always on-the-go, loves nothing better than to host, cries at commercials, likes to indulgence in life’s finer things, is always seeking adventure or enjoys showing off her skills as a domestic goddess, every mum is special and unique.

    That’s why in 2023, our specially curated Mother’s Day Collection features one-of-a-kind gifts for every mum, no matter her individual style, taste or activity preference.

    The hardest part will be choosing just one.

    Gifts for the Active Mum


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  6. Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for 2023

    Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for 2023

    Valentine’s Day is a chance for you to show your special someone just how much you love them. You can achieve this with a unique and inspired gift created just for them. So, what are the best Valentine’s Day gifts for guys and girls in 2023?

    Here we share the love by bringing you a list we’ve compiled of the top ten gifts for the ones you love most this Valentine’s Day:

    What are the best Valentine’s Day gifts for Him?

    1. Valentine's Day Engraved Scotch Glass

    Fill up his cup with a gift that you know will get good use but still sends a meaningful message. Custom engrave names, dates and details on quality European glassware to create a one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day scotch glas

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  7. Top 10 Back to School Items For 2023

    Top 10 Back to School Items For 2023
    Ring the bell – school is back in session!
    Whether you’re disappointed you’ll be spending less time with your little darlings each day (…or secretly glad you won’t have to make them snacks every hour, on the hour), back-to-school time can be a little stressful.
    To make the transition easier for parents and pupils alike, we’ve rounded up our top 10 back to school items for 2023.
    From pencil cases and lunchboxes to backpacks, planners and water bottles, our ra
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  8. Hottest Summer Gifts 2023

    Hottest Summer Gifts 2023

    Summer is here and unique gift-giving is hotter than ever this season! In 2023, it’s all about finding original and cool gifts for those hard-to-buy-for parents, partners and people in your life and making it personal.

    To give you a helping hand, we’ve compiled a list of the hottest summer gifts for 2023 which features gifts so good, you’ll want to keep them for yourself!

    1. Vintage Vibes

    This season, it’s all about that cool retro vibe. Transport your beverages, chilled eats and treats anywhere you’re headed with a 15L printed vintage esky cooler to keep your drinks cold and your food fresh.

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  9. Gifts for Every Member of the Family Christmas 2022

    Gifts for Every Member of the Family Christmas 2022

    Christmas shopping can be tough. Selecting unique and thoughtful gifts for every member of your family is often an exhausting and thankless task.

    So, this year we’ve decided to take the hassle out of selecting the ideal gift for every individual on your Christmas list, with our specially curated Christmas Gift Guide to lead you to the perfect gift every time.

    Whether you’re buying for a partner, kids, pets, siblings, parents, grandparents or countless other relatives, here we share with you the highlights so you can ace Chr

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  10. Top Teacher Gifts for Every Age and Stage

    Top Teacher Gifts for Every Age and Stage

    Teachers guide us in every age and stage of life.

    From our childcare educators to our university lecturers and all the primary, high school and other years between, choosing your teacher a unique and meaningful gift at the end of the year can leave many of us stumped.

    Luckily this year, we have launched our biggest collection of original and affordable Teacher Gifts that cater for educators at every age and stage of our lives.

    Featuring thoughtful gifts that express your gratitude and are still practical enough to be used every day, we share with you the top teacher gifts that are sure to get you a gold star!

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  11. Top 7 Wedding Trends for 2023

    Top 7 Wedding Trends for 2023

    Top 7 Wedding Trends for 2023

    A big part of our job here at Personalised Favours is keeping an eye on wedding trends around the globe, so we can continue to create the most beautiful, up-to-date, bespoke pieces for every nuptial event.

    This Spring, we’ve launched several new Wedding Collections inspired by what we’ve seen to be the seven biggest wedding trends arriving in 2023.

    Here we give you a sneak peak at what’s in store for weddings in the coming year.

    Back to na

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  12. Why Embroidery is Back (in a BIG way!)

    Why Embroidery is Back (in a BIG way!)

    Why Embroidery is Back (in a BIG way!)

    Having recently launched our new Embroidery Range at Personalised Favours, we thought it would be helpful to share with you all the information we have about this ancient art and help answer all of your embroidery-related questions.

    We’ve been inundated with interest about our latest collection, so here we’ll unpick (pardon the pun) why embroidery is making such a big comeback as the red-hot favourite for custom Christmas gifts and personalised presents for every special occasion.

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  13. Father’s Day Gifts for Every Kind of Dad

    Father’s Day Gifts for Every Kind of Dad

    We know that dads come in all shapes and sizes, personalities and styles. That’s why this Father’s Day, we’ve created a customised gift collection to suit every kind of dad.

    There’s Entertaining Dads and Sentimental Dads, Corporate Dads and Outdoor Dads, not to mention the ‘Spirited’ Dads and Beer-Loving Dads who enjoy nothing more than a hard

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  14. Four Reasons Post-COVID Weddings Are More Wonderful Than Ever

    Four Reasons Post-COVID Weddings Are More Wonderful Than Ever

    If you had planned on getting married over the past couple of years, we really feel for you - it’s been a tough ol’ time, with so many brides and grooms having to postpone, shift or ditch their previous plans.

    But while there’s no doubt we’re happy to see the back of lockdowns, the experience taught us all a thing or two about what’s most important in our lives.

    Now that we’ve done away with Zoom ceremonies and socially distanced dancefloors, it’s become clear that - in many cases - post-COVID weddings have changed for the better.

    1. Seasons, schmeasons: get hitched when you like!

    Spring and autumn have always been the most popular seasons for weddings,

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  15. Anniversary Gifts By Year

    Anniversary Gifts By Year

    Every anniversary is a milestone and worthy of recognition that you and your other half have survived another year loving, laughing, and doing life together.

    You might celebrate by reminiscing on your wedding vows or immortalising ‘your song’, but however you want to acknowledge your special day, be sure to make it count!

    To help you find the best wedding anniversary gifts for every year of marriage, we’ve put together this helpful guide, so you know exactly what to buy for every marriage milestone.

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  16. Why the Best Gifts Always Come in a Box

    Why the Best Gifts Always Come in a Box

    Whether it’s a milestone birthday, anniversary or corporate gift, there’s a joyous, magical moment that comes when you open a stunning, personalised gift box and catch a glimpse of what’s inside.

    Whatever the occasion, and whoever the recipient, we reckon it’s as simple as this: because gift boxes maximise the mystery and magic of every celebration, they’re an almost universal gift.

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  17. Bye, Bye, Boring Gifts for Mum

    Bye, Bye, Boring Gifts for Mum

    Mums make the world go round. They come in all shapes and sizes, styles and preferences, and that’s why this year, we have created an extra special Mother’s Day Collection of one-of-a-kind custom gifts to cater for every mum.

    So, whether your mum is always on the go, loves to host a sensational party, tears up at the mention of Mother’s Day, never says no to a good dose of pampering, wants to travel the world, or is happiest cooking in her kitchen, we have a custom gift just for her.

    We also haven’t forgotten all the other leading ladies in your life: the grandmas, aunties, neighbours, bosses, female role models and mother figures who have looked after you like their own and guided you on your path to greatness.

    Read on to find the perfect gift for every mum.

    1. The Active

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  18. The Most Egg-sellent Easter Gifts for 2022

    The Most Egg-sellent Easter Gifts for 2022

    Easter is a time of joy. New beginnings, new life and of course, mountains of chocolate. But what if you could make Easter more than just a 24-hour chocolate rush this year and help create special Easter memories that will last a lifetime?

    Well, hold onto your floppy bunny ears, because we’re going to share with you the best-kept secrets to make this an Easter to remember: complete with the most egg-sellent Easter gifts, décor and details to make your Easter truly egg-straordinary in 2022.

    1. Egg-sellent Easter Gifts: unlock the magic

    The Easter Bunny’s Magic Key is designed to unlock all the magic and wonder of a memorable Easter celebration. And once that big fluffy guy has made it to your house, you might as well spoil him with a personally engr

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  19. The Most Creative Proposal Ideas … EVER!

    The Most Creative Proposal Ideas … EVER!

    Love is in the air. And as we launch head-first into 2022, weddings are back on the agenda for the first time in what feels like forever.

    As we enter this new season of optimism and romance, we share with you some of the most creative proposal ideas we’ve come across during our many years in the wedding industry.

    So, if you’re thinking of popping the question anytime soon, or just want to give him or her some not-so-subtle hints, this is a must-read to make it happen.

    Creative Proposal Idea #1: Light Me Up

    There’s nothing more romantic than candlelight.

    Think a room full of flickering tea lights and sensuous aromas, with your-spouse-to-be down on one knee, and an outstretched hand clutching a perfectly sized ring box!

    Extra creativity points go to

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  20. Hottest Trends for Summer 2022

    Hottest Trends for Summer 2022

    After the events of the year that has been, with many of us locked down and cut-off from our friends and loved ones, as we move into Summer 2022 it’s time to let our hair down and celebrate!

    This season is all about community, connection and festive fun! As we once again see couples tying the knot and are able to gather together to celebrate special occasions with our nearest and dearest, we share with you this summer’s hottest trends for every kind of celebration – from birthdays to bar mitzvahs!

    Hottest Summer Trends for Weddings

    PF Founder and Weddings Expert, Mel Wilkinson, gets asked a lot about what’s trending each season for wedding celebrations. We picked her brain for what she’s seeing as the hottest wedding trends for summer 2022. Here’s what she told us:

    1. Small, more intimate weddings are here to stay. Couples are looking to host a s

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  21. Gifts that could ruin Christmas. What not to buy.

    Gifts that could ruin Christmas. What not to buy.

    With less than eight weeks until Christmas, we’ve officially entered ‘it’s now acceptable to start putting up Christmas decorations’ and ‘it’s time to get your online shopping orders in’ territory.

    Before you start adding to cart, we’ve done some research so you don’t make the mistake of selecting a gift that could ruin Christmas.

    We know it’s difficult to come up with great Christmas gift ideas year after year, and we’re all guilty of finding something that works and sticking with it, or giving up altogether and going with a gift card.

    While it is the thought that counts, if you’re looking to improve your Christmas gifting game, and give meaningful and practical presents that your loved ones will cherish, read on to find out what gifts NOT to buy this year and tips for finding the perfect present for your partner, friends, parents, and kids.

    What not to buy your partner

    Finding the per

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  22. Trending Teacher Gifts Under $20

    Trending Teacher Gifts Under $20

    Has homeschooling given you a new appreciation for teachers?

    Show your support and gratitude with our range of personalised trending teacher gifts under $20.

    Teachers bring education to life for our kids, and together with their schools, they play a hugely important role in a child’s development.

    The global pandemic and the transition to online, at-home learning has emphasised the vital social connection that schools provide, as well as the dedication of teachers who have worked hard to keep their students engaged and stimulated under such difficult circumstances.

    It goes without saying that teachers deserve to have their incredible work recognised; however, there are rules around what kind of gifts teaches can accept, and these can vary from state to state.

    To be safe and gift ethically, it’s best to hand over your present at the end of school ter

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  23. Top Spring Fitness Crazes – Lose those lockdown pounds.

    Top Spring Fitness Crazes – Lose those lockdown pounds.

    If you live in NSW or VIC and everything, including your usual exercise or workout routine, has been turned upside down and left behind along with your social life, you’re not alone.

    With spring now here, and warmer weather on the horizon, many of us are looking for motivation to get moving and ways to lose those lockdown pounds.

    To save you time we’ve done the research for you. Keep reading to learn about some of the top spring fitness crazes that you can try, no matter what your current situation.

    Walk and talk

    It might seem obvious, but walking is one of the best forms of low impact exercise and has the added benefits of being great for your mental health, as well as being a perfect way to explore and get to know your neighbourhood, local parks, and hiking trails.

    This year, taking a walk during virtual meetings, or a quick break to walk around the block while working from home has bec

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  24. Father’s Day Gifts to Suit Every Budget [Gifts under $20, $50, $80, $100]

    Father’s Day Gifts to Suit Every Budget [Gifts under $20, $50, $80, $100]
    With Father’s Day only a few weeks away it’s time to get serious about your gift shopping. 
    Forget your usual go-to-gifts such as socks, pyjamas or a Bunnings voucher – we’ve got fun, fancy and meaningful Father’s Day gifts to suit every budget. 
    Your dad may not seem to care too much about his Father’s Day gift, but nobody needs 50 pairs of socks, or a voucher for something they were going to buy anyway. 
    Get dad a Father’s Day gift he wouldn’t buy for himself that makes him feel appreciated, and ensures your place as his favourite child, this year. 
    What are you waiting for? Keep scrolling to find your dad the perfect Father’s Day present that won’t break the bank. 

    Gifts under $100
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  25. Father's Day Gift Guide

    Father's Day Gift Guide

    Somehow, it’s nearly August and we’re more than half-way through the unpredictable year that is 2021. During uncertain times it’s important to have things you can count on. For many of us this is the support of our families and friends.

    Find the perfect Father’s Day gift to thank your dad for his ongoing support; browse our curated Father’s Day collection full of unique and useful gifts for every type of dad.

    If you’re having difficulty deciding which category your dad fits into, take our Father’s Day Quiz or think about his interests and choose a gift that aligns with them but would also remind him of you.

    Read on to find the perfect Father’s Day gift for your dad!

    1. The Entertaining Dad

    Is your dad a great cook, platter master, or party host? Or does he just love nothing more than spend

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  26. Trending Corporate Gifts for 2021

    Trending Corporate Gifts for 2021

    If you’re buying branded materials for your business for the new financial year, you want them to stand out and make an impact.

    The best corporate gifts are ones that get a lot of visibility, such as products you can use daily, and take on the go, or ones that you would want to display in your office or home and use on special occasions.

    Having helped many businesses create eye-catching corporate products, we have made it easy for you, with our curated list of the most popular promotional products, staff appreciation gifts and client gifts for the new financial year below.

    Promotional Products

    1. Engraved Corporate Black Leatherette Golf Gift Set
    Perfect for any golf enthusiast with a relationship with your business, or a great way to start one, this engraved golf set definitely makes par.

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  27. Top 7 Milestone Birthday Gifts

    Top 7 Milestone Birthday Gifts

    Have you ever tried to find a card for a 23rd, 59th or 42nd birthday?

    Though all birthdays are a year apart and a cause for celebration, some are seen as extra-special, big, ‘milestone’ birthdays and get featured on all the cards and decorations.

    Read on to find out the top 7 trending milestone birthday gifts that make gift shopping for these occasions easier and more exciting than ever before.

    Which birthdays are milestones?

    We don’t make the rules but besides 16th, 18th and 21st, milestone birthdays are usually a once every ten-year event marked by a big party to commemorate the end of one decade and the start of another. They tend to be the ones we remember and celebrate with family and friends.

    Decide for yourself which milestones to celebrate. The top 7 trending milestone birthday gifts below will help you make their day,

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  28. 5 Biggest Trending Birthday Gifts of 2021

    5 Biggest Trending Birthday Gifts of 2021

    Somehow, it’s already May and you’re sure to have loved one’s birthdays coming up.

    Soon you will have to start the scramble to find the perfect gift. It may be true that it’s really the thought that counts but you don’t want to waste your time and money on something they won’t use or enjoy.

    So, read on to find out the top five biggest birthday gift trends of 2021 that focus on making gifting easier for you, more meaningful for the recipient and better for the planet.

    Buying the perfect gift: where to start

    A good place to start is by thinking about your favourite people’s interests and what they value. Do they love going out for a nice meal? Do they collect anything? Are they into a particular hobby?

    Whether they are the person who seems to have everything, the one with really specific interests you don’t know what to buy for, or you’ve just run out of gift ideas and want to get them

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  29. Mother’s Day gifts for Other Mums

    Mother’s Day gifts for Other Mums

    Grandmas, nannas, aunties or nan-mas: whatever you call them, some of you are lucky enough to have more than one special ‘mum’ in your life and you want to show them your appreciation this Mother’s Day.

    We’ve got this sorted! Whatever her interests, you’re sure to find something she’ll love among our curated list of stylish and useful gifts for all types of mums and mother-figures.

    All of our gifts are professionally laser engraved with your choice of message or quote and are sure to remind her how much you care every time she sees them.

    A gift for every special lady in your life

    So, whether she’s your nanna, aunty, step-mum, or any special lady in your life - browse our gift recommendations below… the hardest part will be choosing just one!

    Here’s a selection of some of our most popular gifts for all the leading ladies in

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  30. Personalised Mother’s Day Gifts for Every Kind of Mum

    Personalised Mother’s Day Gifts for Every Kind of Mum

    Mother’s Day is on the horizon so it’s time to start thinking about how to spoil your mum and retain your place as the favourite child for another year.

    The best Mother’s Day gifts are ones that show mum just how much she means to you, and suit her as a person and her interests, but it can be tricky finding a present that ticks all these boxes.

    But, don’t worry – we’ve made it easy for you this year.

    Why customised Mother’s Day gifts are the best kind

    With a dedicated page of Mother’s Day gifts to suit every kind of mum and customisable designs to engrave them with, Mother’s Day shopping is simple. You can also rest easy knowing your favourite child title is secure and your mum will end up with something she loves and can use again and again.

    Remember Mother’s Day is on Sunday May 9, so now is the perfect time

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  31. Top 7 Bridal Party Gifts in 2021

    Top 7 Bridal Party Gifts in 2021

    One of the big wedding planning decisions you have to make after you get engaged is who to include in your bridal party.

    The family or friends you choose to be your maid of honour, bridesmaids, best man, and groomsmen are the ones close to you who will not only be next to you on your wedding day but will be there to help you plan it and all the festivities leading up to it.

    Asking someone to be part of your bridal party is a special moment that shows they are an important person in your life, but it also asks them to support you throughout your wedding planning and on the day, which usually involves investing considerable time and money.

    It’s important to show appreciation for your bridesmaids and groomsmen and thank them for their ongoing support. One great way to do this is bridal party proposals, where you gift your bridesmaid or groomsmen something special to help you ask them to be part of your wedding party.

    What better way to do this, and highlight y

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  32. Top 5 Easter Treats that DON’T include Chocolate

    Top 5 Easter Treats that DON’T include Chocolate

    Are you or someone in your household one of the few people who dislike chocolate? Or maybe you think the kids will be gifted plenty of chocolate and are looking to mix it up this Easter? Either way, we’ve got plenty of ideas to help you make this your best Easter yet.

    Engraved Wooden Bunny Rabbit Money Box

    Keep reading for our top five Easter treat ideas that don’t include chocolate:

    1. DIY ice cream bar
    An ice cream bar is the ideal finish line for an Easter scavenger hunt, or just an afternoon Easter surprise your kids will love. If you want to make it your Easter hunt finale make it extra special with a customised bamboo Eas

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  33. Top 7 Secrets to Styling your Home in 2021

    Top 7 Secrets to Styling your Home in 2021

    In the last year we’ve all been spending a lot more time at home, and for many of us this means our living spaces have been turned into workstations, home schools, gyms and more.

    This shift has changed our relationships with our homes and how much our lives revolve around them, which makes the beginning of 2021 the perfect time to try some small styling changes to brighten up your space.

    Here we share with you our top seven secrets to styling your home in 2021:

    1. Declutter and reorganise

    There’s no need to go full Marie-Kondo, but choosing to donate a few things that you don’t need or no longer suit your style can lighten up your home. You can also make your space feel more clutter-free by rethinking your organisational system.

    Reorganise your existing storage so you have easy access to the things you use the most. This could be putting your out-of-season clothes in vacuum storage bags

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  34. Planning the perfect engagement: A Valentine’s Day Guide

    Planning the perfect engagement: A Valentine’s Day Guide

    Ready to pop the question to your special someone but having trouble planning it and deciding the best time to propose? And what better time than the most romantic day of the year? Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to propose and here we’ll tell you why.

    Importantly, it’s easy to keep the surprise from your partner as they won’t be suspicious about doing something romantic on Valentine’s Day. You can tell your partner enough information to get them free and on board with your plans, without the need for elaborate excuses or help from friends and family.

    Assuming things go well, it also means you will get to celebrate the anniversary of your engagement together on future Valentine’s Days – making it that little bit extra special.

    Planning the perfect Valentine’s Day engagement

    So, if you’re looking for some ideas on how to plan the perfect marriage proposal that is both romantic, memorable, and pe

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  35. Why Do Personalised Gifts Make the Best Birthday Presents?

    Why Do Personalised Gifts Make the Best Birthday Presents?

    When it comes to choosing birthday gifts it may be the thought that counts but that doesn’t mean you have to spend hours browsing to come up with a great gift idea.

    Spend less time shopping and give meaningful, fun and affordable birthday gifts by personalising something just for him or her. You’ll never have to put cash in their card or buy something you’re worried they’ll want to return again.

    You could simply customise an item you know they love or take it one step further and plan an experience to enjoy together that turns the personalised item into a treasured souvenir.

    Best Birthday Experience Ideas

    Looking for some birthday experience ideas? If they are an outdoor lover, you could plan a hike or camping trip and gift them a personalised luxe engraved water bottle or thermos.

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    2020 certainly proved a year like no other when it came to weddings, and with recent COVID-19 restrictions tightening again across Greater Sydney, so far we’re expecting weddings to continue to look very different again in 2021.

    A move to more personalised, intimate celebrations is taking centre stage, with couples focusing on smaller details rather than large-scale affairs.

    As we move into this brave new wedding era, we share with you some of the hottest wedding trends for 2021 that we predict will be around for a while yet!

    1. Intimate, less formal weddings

    Out of necessity the popularity of intimate, smaller weddings is growing, however this does offer advantages such as your celebrations being more bespoke and budget friendly.

    With a carefully curated guest list you have more freedom to choose the venue, dress, decorations, and food you desire. With a small guest list you could even turn your wedding into a weekend-long e

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    Finding the perfect gift for the men in your life generally isn’t an easy task. Before you settle for yet another boring gift of socks, undies or ties, read on for some unique personalised gift ideas.

    Take care of any male on your shopping list from Grandpa, Dad, Son, Husband, boyfriend, Brother, Friend and so on.

    We promise that there is something for every type and every budget. Here is just a small taste of what’s on offer and if you don’t see something that takes your fancy, simply head to our Gifts for Him section for more ideas.

    Sentimental Man
    Photo Print Keyring with Engraved Wooden Message Plaque

    photo keyring<

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    2020: can we just put up the Christmas tree and call it a year? This year we have all had our fair share of stress and it's been one hell of a rollercoaster. 

    More than ever, we need a pick up and something to make us laugh. They say laughter is the best medicine but so is wine, right? haha.

    We wanted to share with you our favourite gift picks from our Inappropriate gift range. These are guaranteed to cause laughter and ultimately poke some fun at the year that was..

    1. Anti-Christmas T-Shirts

    anti-Christmas t-shirts

    2. Engraved Wood Wick Soy Candles

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    There are so many factors which influence us during the wedding planning stages. Planning a wedding during COVID can be stressful and confusing at best. Conflicting information through the media can make it difficult to move forward with a solid plan.

    Here are a quick few tips:

    • Stay informed and follow guidelines. Your first point of call is to get factual and up to date information from your national and state government websites.

    • Embrace the downtime. It’s a silver lining but will give you time to focus on the intricate details of your event while spending time researching and reflecting what you and your partner really want from the day. Chat to vendors and see what’s on offer and how they can cater for your event during a pandemic.

    • Think local. Support local businesses and industry where you can. Your community will be forever grateful for it and it will surely make a positive impact for local businesses.

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    We know what you’re thinking, corporate gifts = tacky plastic pens and stubby holders, but no necessarily. The corporate gift market has boomed in the last couple of years with more unique and high-quality options available to appeal.

    Whether it’s to generate word of mouth, reward your employees or thank a client, custom corporate gifts show individuals that they are important and appreciated. Not only are they unique, they are perfect for brand recall.

    Let us show you a couple of our top options for 2020/2021:

    Engraved Deluxe Square Serving Board

    Professionally laser engraved with your branding or messaging, this board is perfect as a grazing board at company functions and when entertaining clients.


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