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  1. Top 4 Save-the-Date Trends for 2020

    Top 4 Save-the-Date Trends for 2020


    You’ve agreed on a date, a location and a theme – things are getting real! – but for the soon-to-be-wed, one of the most important parts of the big day is having your nearest and dearest all in one place.

    To ensure your guests are ready and willing to kick up their heels on your chosen date, you’ll need to give them plenty of notice with a ‘Save the Date’ that reflects your unique style as a couple.

    In 2020, it seems that brides and grooms are set to part with the stuffy, traditional paper-and-lace cards for good, and in their place are a whole new set of fun options that are limited only by your imagination.

    Here, we break down our picks for the top four ‘Save-the-Date’ trends we’re excited to see this year.


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  2. Rustic Wedding Vibes: how to get it right

    Rustic Wedding Vibes: how to get it right

    married couple in field

    Whether you're a country girl at heart, or you just prefer a relaxed, back-to-nature vibe over dollars and diamantes, a rustic-themed wedding could be right up your road.

    If you're starting out on your wedding planning journey, it's easy to incorporate a rustic theme into your venue, and then build from the ground up - start out with an original barn, heritage building, winery or farmyard field, and add wildflowers to your bouquet and wooden tables without linen. But if you've already locked in the nearest surf club and you've still got your heart set on the rustic vibe, never fear: a few well-chosen decorations and bonbonniere can give any venue the laid-back, rustic country wedding vibe of your dreams.

    First impressions count

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    wedding budget

    As we zoom toward the end of financial year (June 30 in case you've been living under a rock), we're bombarded with every kind of EOFY special offer, discount item and once-in-a-lifetime tax time deal to encourage us to purchase, spend and save. But what does that have to do with me? You may be asking. Here at PF, we know that weddings can be an expensive business. So, we've put together a two-part Bridal Money Bonanza to help answer all your wedding budget queries, including some you may not even have known you had! Designed to help every bride on any budget, this is our EOFY gift to you. Don't mention it. You're welcome ?  

    BRIDAL MONEY BONANZA PART 1  The dollars for your dream day

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  4. Royal wedding special: make your big day as regal as Meghan and Harry

    Royal wedding special: make your big day as regal as Meghan and Harry

    Image Source: The Telegraph

    If you're anything like us (and the 50+million other people 'round the globe) who reportedly tuned into the nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on the weekend, you'll still be riding on what industry insiders like to call the 'royal wedding emotional high'. The flowers. The fashion. The fanfare. Aaahhh! What we wouldn't give to relive the magic and the romance of that historic event. So instead of pining, we decided to put our post-royal-wedding-euphoria to good use and show you how to inject a little royal flair into your own special day.

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