Valentine's Day

  1. A chemical romance: what makes us fall in love?

    A chemical romance: what makes us fall in love?

    Have you ever wondered what makes you get those nervous butterflies in your stomach every time you see the object of your affection? Or in those first jittery stages of any relationship, what causes you to believe that everything your bae does is funnier, smarter and more wonderful than anyone else in the world? In honour of this most romantic of occasions, Valentine's Day, we decided to investigate the science behind the seduction of falling in love.

    How's that for chemistry?

    They say to ignite the spark for any successful relationship, there needs to be chemistry. Little did we know they were referring to actual chemicals that are released into our bodies when we experience feelings of attraction and connection to another person. When you meet someone you think you could fall for, you're actually responding to chemicals in your body that are released to help you experience happiness, elation and desire.

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  2. So, you don't have a Valentine?

    So, you don't have a Valentine?

    February 14 is not a time of happiness for everyone. If you have recently endured a breakup or find yourself without a Valentine on this occasion of seemingly endless romantic sentiment, don't despair! If it feels like everywhere you look, couples are purchasing embroidered his n her bathrobe sets or personalised romantic picnic hampers, we look at the benefits of being single on Valentine's Day and show you how to endure this all-out love fest with poise and panache.

    sad woman alone

    Benefit #1: Getting richer


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  3. Valentine's Day: how a pagan fertility festival became a Hallmark holiday

    Valentine's Day: how a pagan fertility festival became a Hallmark holiday

    Every year around the world on February 14, people recognise their lovers, friends, spouses, teachers, offspring and secret sweethearts with romantic gestures, gifts, and declarations of love and affection. The Feast of Saint Valentine has become so popular, there is even an established anti-Valentine movement (cos' you haven't really made it until you've got some haters). With sources claiming Valentine's Day generates around $15 billion in sales in the US, and with more than one billion Valentine's cards sent across the globe, have you ever wondered how this global love affair began?

    valentines day couple
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    From pagan roots love does bloom

    It all started with Lupercalia, a pagan fertility

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