Valentines Day

  1. Top Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

    Top Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

    A personalised gift for every stage of your love

    Valentine's Day is a special time of year. A time to recognise and reward the ones you love most with thoughtful and heartfelt gifts to express how much they really mean to you. As relationships change and progress, from that first rush of overwhelming feeling to a sense of companionship and mutual affection, we help you find the perfect personalised gift for every stage of your love.

    Stage 1: Head over heels

    It's official: you've found "The One." From that first glance to your now all-consuming attraction, you know undoubtedly this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Everything they say is funny, witty, sexy and in most cases, quite literally the best words you've ever heard spoken. You delight in every touch, sight, sound and sensation and they have absolutely zero annoying quirks (yet)!  Revel

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  2. "Roses are red and violets are blue, but vodka costs less than dinner for two."

    "Roses are red and violets are blue, but vodka costs less than dinner for two."

    Whether it's 'Anti-Valentine's Day', 'Singles Awareness Day' or 'Galentine's Day', across the world, those who are unlucky in love are reclaiming the sickly-sweet celebrations in ways that suit them. In honour of 'Singles Day' on 11 November - terribly named because the date 11 / 11 looks like some lonely, bare sticks - we're rewriting the singledom story, and showing you how to celebrate your solo self in three easy steps.

    Step One: Shop up a storm, because there's nobody there to judge you

    Here's a puzzle for you: what would you say is the biggest shopping day in China? It's not the Boxing Day sales like here in Aus, and they don't head off to trample each other in the 'Black Friday' sales like our American cousins, either. Instead, the biggest retail day of the calendar is 'Singles Day' on 11 November. There are online flash sales aplenty and deals to be found in stores, as single Chinese guys and girls turn

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