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Wedding Planning




    There are so many factors which influence us during the wedding planning stages. Planning a wedding during COVID can be stressful and confusing at best. Conflicting information through the media can make it difficult to move forward with a solid plan.

    Here are a quick few tips:

    • Stay informed and follow guidelines. Your first point of call is to get factual and up to date information from your national and state government websites.

    • Embrace the downtime. It’s a silver lining but will give you time to focus on the intricate details of your event while spending time researching and reflecting what you and your partner really want from the day. Chat to vendors and see what’s on offer and how they can cater for your event during a pandemic.

    • Think local. Support local businesses and industry where you can. Your community will be forever grateful for it and it will surely make a positive impact for local businesses.

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  2. 5 Trending Wedding Ideas our Couples are embracing

    5 Trending Wedding Ideas our Couples are embracing

     couple on beach wedding

    2020 is no normal year. The global pandemic and the social-distancing policies that have been put in place to curb the spread of COVID-19 have effectively ruled out large gatherings.

    Couples who are (perhaps optimistically) rescheduling their weddings for the same weekend next year. As a result, countless weddings that were supposed to take place in 2020 have been moved to 2021.

    If you are planning on hosting a more intimate gathering, there are many amazing businesses who are ready and waiting to help make your vision a reality, and to help you navigate through this uncertain time. 

    Businesses and couples are harnessing their creativity more than ever, and will offer greater personalised services and elements to ensure their couples have a memorable event.

    Below are 5 trending wedding ideas that are as popular a

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  3. 6 Easy Steps to Get the Perfect Venue for Your Dream Wedding

    6 Easy Steps to Get the Perfect Venue for Your Dream Wedding


    If your wedding planning ‘to do’ list is about to run on to the third (fourth, or fifth) page, we hear you! It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the number of things you need to do before the big day, but trust us: some elements are far more significant than others and should take priority on your checklist.

    So, feel free to bump the scheduling of Aunty Nora’s surprise performance of hits from ‘The Bodyguard’. Once you secure a date, you’ll need to agree on your wedding venue – it’s a big decision to make as a couple, and it’s potentially the first wedding-planning hurdle you’ll encounter before you seal the deal.

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  4. They spent what!? Inside the average cost of an Aussie wedding (and how you can bag a bargain)

    They spent what!? Inside the average cost of an Aussie wedding (and how you can bag a bargain)

    Are you planning a wedding and wondering if you’re coming in under – or over – the budget of a standard Australian bash? According to a recent survey by WeddedWonderland.com, the average couple is spending $53,168 on their wedding.

    While this might seem like a bit of a staggering number, the survey also showed that couples’ priorities are shifting, with a new wave of savvy shoppers bagging their bargains online. Here, we give you a sneak peek into what other betrothed couples are spending on their big day, and share some tips and tricks to help you get big style on a smaller budget.

    Cost 1: The stationery and invites    

    According to the WeddedWonderland.com survey, the average couple is spending about $784 just to get the word out about their celebration.

    When you think about the fact that brides and grooms often like to send out ‘save the date’ cards as well as your standard invites, it’s easy to s

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  5. The Top 6 Tips for A Successful Cross-Cultural Wedding Celebration

    The Top 6 Tips for A Successful Cross-Cultural Wedding Celebration

    Bringing together two families - with two very different sets of expectations for what the big day should entail - can be a tricky part of anyone’s wedding planning. And that’s even beforeyou throw in a difference in cultural backgrounds! Being raised in two different cultures means that, as a couple, you might have different ways of communicating, a different understanding of family dynamics, and a different way of looking at the world. So how can you make your union work, when you’re also uniting two different cultures? To celebrate National Harmony Day, we’re delving into the world of cross-cultural wedding planning, and sharing the top six tips to ensure your celebrations are a rousing success.

    1. Say it with a sand ceremony

    Firstly, you’ll need to decide whether your wedding is going to feature two distinct ceremonies, or if you’ll host a combined ceremony that celebrates elements of both cultures. Budget and logistics might help

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  6. Could your best man be man's best friend?

    Could your best man be man's best friend?

    How your fur babies can play a part in your paw-fect big day. They shared your home before your bride or groom, and once you met the love of your life, their approval was more important than your mum or dads. They nursed you through first dates and broken hearts, and gave their fur for you to cry into. In celebration of 'Love Your Pet Day', we're showing you how to include your beloved pooch in your big day.

    Canine capers Did you know that Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world? Dogs are the most common pet, with 38 per cent of households owning a pup, and these numbers are only climbing higher. Licks and love aside, our four-legged friends are scientifically proven to provide us with stress relief

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  7. From Catwalk to Ceremony: The Hottest Bridal Trends from International Fashion Week

    From Catwalk to Ceremony: The Hottest Bridal Trends from International Fashion Week

    As International Fashion Week (IFW) propels around the globe from New York to Milan, London to Paris, we have followed in close pursuit to gauge the latest and greatest looks for brides in 2019. Here we bring you some of the highlights.

    Meghan Markle-inspired

    Echoing the sentiments of Bridal Fashion Week, which took place in New York in October last year, many of the looks at IFW are inspired by the ethereal beauty and timeless style of the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. Dubbed the style highlight of the year by fashionistas and bridal watchers the world over, her wedding to Prince Harry placed a renewed focus on letting simplicity and natural beauty shine through.

    Nuptial Necklines

    Unsurprisingly, following the royal

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  8. Top wedding trends for 2019

    Top wedding trends for 2019

    Hottest looks for a sensationally stylish on-point wedding celebration  A new year brings with it fresh wedding inspiration and 2019 is no exception. What was SO HOT in 2018 might not even still be A THING and what you thought was to-die-for at your cousin Sal's wedding only two years ago can now seem dated and daggy. Never fear! Taking inspiration from experts around the globe, we have scoured high and low to bring you the top wedding trends for 2019 to help you create a simply sensational and stylishly on-point wedding celebration.

    1. A splash of colour

    Pantone has announced its colour of 2019 as a bright, sunny, pink-orange hue named 'Living Coral'. This year, the muted colour schemes of weddings past, have been replaced with big, bright and bold colour palettes that really get the party started.

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  9. With Bells On: Getting Married at Christmas

    With Bells On: Getting Married at Christmas

    We love this time of year. Love is in the air, everyone is winding down from a big year at work, and the general consensus is that folks are ready for a big knees-up party. Read on to find out if a Christmas Day wedding could be everything you've ho-ho-hoped for.

    Thinking of getting married at the most festive time of the year? You're not alone - well, certainly not historically. In the UK during the 18th and 19th centuries, Christmas Day was a very popular date for weddings, with churches holding specialty nuptials every 25 December. While this may seem like a romantic choice, it was usually more of a necessity - according to findmypast.co.uk, Christmas and Boxing Day weddings occurred predominantly because it was the only day young, working-class couples could ensure they were allowed off work.

    In many large cities like London, churches often offered free weddings and baptisms on Christmas Day, making it a cost-effective option, too. Thankfully,

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  10. The 9 Best Ways to Involve Your Dad in Your Wedding Day

    The 9 Best Ways to Involve Your Dad in Your Wedding Day

    Dads play an important role in the life of their little girl. Protector, provider and in many cases a role model for the man you will one day marry. There is often not a more pinnacle event in a father-daughter relationship than when your Dad walks you down the aisle. So, with Father's Day fast approaching we thought we'd share with you nine of the best ways to involve your Dad on your wedding day and make him a special part of your 'I Do' celebrations.

    1. Involve him in the planning

      The key to involving dad in your wedding planning is to play to his strengths. Think about what he's good at and interested in - let him be your financial planner, wedding website developer, venue critic or use his contacts to source you the best photographer/caterer/florist he can find

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  11. Why Rain is Good News for Your Wedding Day

    Why Rain is Good News for Your Wedding Day
    They say a wet knot is harder to untie, so why worry about a little rain on your big day? You've chosen your flowers, the menu is locked in, and your hair and makeup styles are ready to the last curl and eyelash. But there's one thing you really can't plan for: the weather. And while predictions of rain might seem like a disaster, don't despair - it could actually be the greatest gift you receive.
    1. Rain symbolizes cleansing and renewal, and is actually good luck!
    In a large number of cultures, rain on your wedding day symbolizes a fresh beginning and the 'washing away' of anything negative in your past, and in the Hindu tradition, it's said to foretell of a strong marriage. Because of this, many people actually pray for rain on their big day. If kids are in your future, you can find comfort in the fact that a little wet weather is said to mean new life and healthy children for the bride and groom. You may have also heard
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  12. Hip, hip, hooray: you're getting married on your birthday! Do two celebrations mean double the fun?

    Hip, hip, hooray: you're getting married on your birthday!  Do two celebrations mean double the fun?

    Beautiful woman

    It's a given that the team at PF loves a big, bold party, so we're obviously on board with a new trend in weddings: brides-to-be are opting to double-up on their celebrations by getting hitched on their birthday. If this is an option you're considering, here we look at the pros and cons of the affectionately-titled Birthding or Wedday.

    CON: You'll only get one gift  

    Some people think a good birthday hinges on a great gift - and hey, we certainly agree! But while people will probably go out of their way to give you separate birthday-and-anniversary gifts for the first couple of years, this will probably peter out as the decades pass by - yes, this includes the hubby, too. If you're the type of person who loves attention and opts for a 'birthday week' (or even a birthday month!) rather than just one day, you might find yourself feeling a little short-changed.

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    wedding budget

    As we zoom toward the end of financial year (June 30 in case you've been living under a rock), we're bombarded with every kind of EOFY special offer, discount item and once-in-a-lifetime tax time deal to encourage us to purchase, spend and save. But what does that have to do with me? You may be asking. Here at PF, we know that weddings can be an expensive business. So, we've put together a two-part Bridal Money Bonanza to help answer all your wedding budget queries, including some you may not even have known you had! Designed to help every bride on any budget, this is our EOFY gift to you. Don't mention it. You're welcome ?  

    BRIDAL MONEY BONANZA PART 1  The dollars for your dream day

    Some couples save for years for their 'perfect wedding.' Others decide they don't want to wait and are happy to forego some of the fanfare in order to tie the knot without bre

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  14. Royal wedding special: make your big day as regal as Meghan and Harry

    Royal wedding special: make your big day as regal as Meghan and Harry

    Image Source: The Telegraph

    If you're anything like us (and the 50+million other people 'round the globe) who reportedly tuned into the nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on the weekend, you'll still be riding on what industry insiders like to call the 'royal wedding emotional high'. The flowers. The fashion. The fanfare. Aaahhh! What we wouldn't give to relive the magic and the romance of that historic event. So instead of pining, we decided to put our post-royal-wedding-euphoria to good use and show you how to inject a little royal flair into your own special day.

    Image Source: 

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