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If you’re Australian, you’re probably still scratching your head like us, confused and bewildered by the events of the last 8 months.

None of us could have predicted a pandemic that is currently affecting the entire world and that we would be living through this once in a lifetime event.

It’s no secret that the pandemic has caused major disruptions in all aspects of our lives. If you’re an engaged couple, you would have experienced the uncertainty and stress also felt by the wedding industry. Our thoughts and heartfelt sympathies are with you.

The pandemic has caused many businesses and couples to adapt their plans and services to align with current restrictions.

Smaller and more intimate gatherings are on the rise, not just for weddings but for christenings, baby showers and more.

This may not have been part of your plan pre-Covid, but let me tell you, there’s something seriously magical about an intimate wedding. It allows for the opportunity of unique touches, special features and connecting with your loved ones. It’s also very romantic!

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  • Fewer guests mean that you can get married in places that are more unique and meaningful to you like on a beach, on a boat, in the countryside or even your own backyard.

  • For outdoor weddings, consider a long banquet table under a tree or even a private dinner at a winery. A luxury marquee with all of the trimmings, perhaps?

  • Smaller weddings don’t mean you have to skip on the details like a little luxe décor. It’s a great opportunity to make it even more personal with custom personalised statement signage and décor.

  • Eating is another way to connect with people (not just drinking), hire some food trucks and make it an experience or offering a full 3 course meal with matching wines. Hire a cocktail mixologist to whip up some custom drinks for your guests.

  • Less guests means more opportunity to make it a personal experience for your guests. Personalised gifts and favours are only on the rise and there is something to suit all budgets and styles. Consider a favour that is also a place card or practical yet classy gifts that will add to your special day. Your guests will feel super special knowing you thought of them personally during your wedding planning.

  • Fewer guests might mean that you can splurge on something that you have wanted. This could be a great wedding photographer to capture those perfect intimate moments, stylish décor to bring the space together or your favourite musician to entertain and set the mood.

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Small weddings really are the silver lining during these weird times and connecting with our loved ones in these special moments couldn’t be more important.

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