How Personalisation has changed Gift Giving

wooden engraved coaster

The desire to create, give or own something individual, something completely unique, has gone well beyond Coke's marketing coup of individualised  name cans (or Nutella's like-minded concept of personalised jars).

With our rapidly changing world, technological advancements and a growing network of creatives and entrepreneurs, it’s no surprise that the possibilities are endless in the realm of gift-giving.

We live in a society where many of us feel the desire to constantly share many aspects of our lives. The announcement of a new baby, holiday snaps or a gift or purchase that is personalised and, undoubtedly uploaded to social media for some love from friends, family and followers.

When you have a product that is completely customised to reflect your individuality, it adds an even greater value along with sentimental value for years to come (and does make for great photos if you choose).

Here are some of our most popular personalised gifts as loved by you:

1. Cork Band Reusable Coffee Keep Cup

reusable coffee cup

2. Bamboo Recipe Note Book with Recycled Paper

recipe book

3. Wooden Deluxe Cheese Board

cheese board

4. Engraved 360ml Wine Glass

engraved wine glass

5. Engraved Hip Flasks

hip flasks

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