How to get your wedding budget 100 per cent right

Weddings are expensive. Some more so than others; however how hard your upcoming nuptials are going to hit your hip pocket is up to you. Effectively budgeting for a wedding is a matter of percentages. Here we show you how to get your wedding budget 100 per cent right.

Figure out your total spend

The first step in creating an effective (and realistic) wedding budget is figuring out the total amount of cash you can spend. This includes contributions from parents and other generous relatives, as well as your own personal savings (or loans)! Be honest here, as getting this wrong will throw your whole budget out of whack. If you're including a projected savings figure, don't be unrealistic about what you and your partner can put away before the big day. (Eating baked beans on toast every night for the next 18 months may be great for your wedding dress diet, but probably unsustainable in the scheme of things).

Allocate your percentages

Whatever your total wedding spend, we show you what percentage of funds you should allocate to each wedding expense to avoid a budget breakdown before the big day:

VENUE - 25%

One quarter of your wedding budget should be allocated to cover venue costs. If you have your heart set on a venue that is way more than this, look at ways to compromise. Most venues have an off-season where cheaper rates apply. Weekday, lunchtime or Sunday receptions can also help to lower costs. If you are thinking about hosting your own, beware of hidden costs including marquees, flooring, lighting, furniture and amenities , and remember to include these in your budget forecast.


Choose in-season blooms to reduce expenditure and consider the size of your bridal party. The more members, the higher your floral expenses will fly.

CAKE - 3%

If you're not doing a DIY wedding cake, expect to pay around two per cent of your budget for a standard cake. As you are paying for the time it takes to construct, rather than ingredients, the more intricate and elaborate it is , the more you will fork out (literally).


An essential element of any wedding suite, wedding stationery includes save-the-dates, invitations, personalised place cards and thank you notes. These details help set the overall theme and tone of your celebrations, along with any decorations and guest favours you may include.


For professional images that last a lifetime, you are going to have to part with some cash. You will be able to cut costs here based on the length of time you expect your photographer/videographer to be available, the distance they're expected to travel and your specific requirements for the big day. You can complement your professional photos with photo booths, disposable cameras, wedding hashtags and guest polaroids so you don't miss a single moment.  


Wedding bands are usually designed to complement the bride's engagement ring, so don't need to be anything too extravagant. Silver bands are a lower cost option than gold or platinum - something to consider in keeping costs down.

MUSIC - 5%

From string quartets to iPod playlists and everything in between, music helps set the mood for your entire event. Think about the parts that are most important to you - the bridal waltz vs. dancing 'til dawn , and allocate funds accordingly.

married couple dancing


From the dress of your dreams to attire for your gorgeous groomsmen, clothing your entire bridal party (including yourselves) can really add up. If bridesmaids and groomsmen are contributing or covering their costs, its customary to say thank you with a personalised gift. Don't forget to include shoes, bridal lingerie, hair and makeup in these expenses.


From the appetisers to the aperitifs, your food and booze bill will usually be the largest of your wedding costs. Investigate options including buying your alcohol offsite, using your own suppliers or alternatively all-inclusive venue packages to save in this department.  

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