Indoor vs. outdoor wedding

It can be a big decision for many couples planning a wedding - do you take a chance on Mother Nature and plan your perfect day outdoors or search for an indoor venue that suits your needs? Here we investigate the pros and cons of both options to help you decide what is going to work best for your big day.



No weather worries There are many advantages of an indoor wedding; most of all not having to worry about the weather. Murphy's Law of wedding planning states that if you plan your ceremony indoors to avoid weather woes, it will most likely turn out to be a glorious day. This aside, no matter what's going on outdoors, you will be far more able to control temperature (not too hot, not too cold), wind, sunburn, hailstones or the possibility of insects or animals impacting on your big event.

Designer dream

Another major advantage of indoor wedding ceremonies is that most things are already in place. Think tables to dance floors to kitchens and even toilets. Minimal extras need to be brought in, relocated, hired or built - because most things you need are already there. Indoor venues can also be styled to the individual preference and flair of every couple - transforming the same space into a different location every time.



If you're tipping the guest list at the larger end of the scales (think 100+), you are automatically excluded from a number of indoor venues simply due to space constraints. If you've got your heart set on a venue and can't cut your guest list, you will have to think about ways you can tailor your wedding to suit the location - going cocktail instead of sit-down and maybe giving up the band or downsizing the dance floor.



Nothing beats when the weather gods shine on you. When things work out, there is nothing more spectacular than a stunning outdoor setting. You need to weigh up if this is a risk you're willing to take to achieve your wedding dream. Tip the odds in your favour by researching weather patterns and possible events for certain times of the year and aim to host your nuptials when the time is right. This is of course no guarantee, so remember to always have a Plan B.

Stunning simplicity

Outdoor locations feature spectacular natural detail, which usually means you don't have to go overboard with details of your own. Let the location speak for itself and wow your guests with its natural beauty, breathtaking views or rustic ambience.



So we all know the down side of an outdoor wedding is when Mother Nature doesn't play fair. But remember outdoor weddings can sometimes come with their own range of hidden costs for all those additional extras that need to be supplied on-site. Look past the obvious ones like marquees, food and beverages to more intricate details including cutlery, tablecloths, wedding favours and toilet paper.

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Ideal details for indoor and outdoor weddings

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