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  1. The 6 most original ways to pop the question to your bridal party

    The 6 most original ways to pop the question to your bridal party

    Asking the important people in your life to be part of your wedding party is an important milestone in your wedding journey. So, you want to make it as memorable and meaningful as possible. We've searched far and wide to bring you the six most original ways to pop the question to all the members of your 'I Do' Crew.

    For the Ladies

    Bridesquad. Bridesminions. Bridesmaids. Whatever you choose to call the nearest and dearest ladies in your life you have chosen to stand beside you on your big day, here's some inspired ways to ask them, so they couldn't refuse even if they wanted to!

    1. Wine and Cheese-yes please!

    What brings women all over the world closer together than the perfect

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  2. Reward your wedding squad with the ultimate in bridal party gifts

    Reward your wedding squad with the ultimate in bridal party gifts
    bridal party
    Via: Easy Weddings - Photographer: Mefoto

    Who you choose for the all-important job of standing by your side on your wedding day can have a direct impact on your happiness and the smooth running of your celebrations. And we're not talking 'bout your groom! Bride Squad. Wedding Friends. 'I Do' Crews. Bride Minions. Matrimony Homies. Whatever term of endearment you choose to give the members of your bridal party, they play a very important role in successfully guiding you on your journey toward wedded bliss. Not only do they need to be by your side on your big day, but their role in getting you to the aisle - the months of planning, preparation, procrastination and Bridezilla-sized tantrums - makes it essential that you pick the right people.

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  3. Mother-of-the-Bride Style Guide

    Mother-of-the-Bride Style Guide

    While the bride and groom are the centrepiece of every wedding, there are several important players that hold an important role in the proceedings. Enter stage left: Mother-of-the-Bride (MOB) and Mother-of-the-Groom (MOG). The MOB's and MOG's form an integral part of any nuptial event, and as a guest of honour, we pay homage to the role they had in raising, shaping and doing their best to keep out of trouble, the person that the bride or groom is today. Here we share with you the ultimate Mother-of-the-Bride (or Groom) Style Guide, so this special guest can be dressed for success on your special day.


    Colour is an important consideration for MOB's and MOG's, as they want to fit with the overall theme - but not too much! Consider tones that complement the bridal party, but still stand out from the crowd. Avoid ivory or white, as this is too close to bridal couture and don't go for anything that will clash with the bridesmaids or

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  4. The Top 5 Gifts to Buy Your Bridal Party on a Budget

    The Top 5 Gifts to Buy Your Bridal Party on a Budget

    bridal party

    Buying gifts for your beloved bridesmaids and gorgeous groomsmen is a way not only to express your appreciation for the role they have played in your nuptial celebrations, but also a thank you for the bigger role they have played in your life so far. So, what could be suitable for a gift of such immense importance that is not going to cost you the earth? Your best bet is to keep it simple, sincere and from the heart.

    Homemade cupcakes wrapped with love

    For a sweet and special surprise with a personal twist, bake a cupcake in the favourite flavour of each member of your bridal party. Don't have time to bake in the lead-up to your big day? Order your cakes online or at a local bakery and include a personal element by gift wrapping each one in plain paper, decorated in drawings of different scenes

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  5. 4 Top Tips for Picking the Perfect Wedding Dress

    4 Top Tips for Picking the Perfect Wedding Dress

    Just like finding the perfect partner, finding the perfect wedding dress can sometimes take a little time, and for some brides can prove a major source of stress before their big day. We offer the following four top tips for picking the perfect wedding dress, to help take the strain out of shopping and put the fun back into fittings.


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  6. How to handle difficult bridesmaids

    How to handle difficult bridesmaids

    The happiness of any bride in the lead-up to her big day can sometimes rest solely with those she has asked to stand by her side for the most important day of her life. We share some tips on how to prevent bridesmaids becoming a burden, before it is too late.


    1. Choose wisely

    While this sage advice may be too late for some, bridesmaid selection is crucial to your overall happiness and level of drama in the lead-up to and during your big day. Choosing someone due to a misguided sense of responsibility (just because you were their bridesmaid several years back or because you promised your cousin Chloe when you were six) is a recipe for disaster. Think about the friends in your life that have celebrated with

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  7. Thanking Your Bridal Party On A Budget

    Thanking Your Bridal Party On A Budget

    Your bridal party and parents play an important role in creating a wedding day that is truly special. Even before the wedding preparations begin, your bridesmaids, groomsmen and parents have been with you throughout the ups and downs of life. Say Thank You with some of our unique and personalised bridal party gifts. Not only are they unique - they are also affordable!

    For the Girls:

    Your girls will love a little gift they can use while getting ready and a glass of bubbly is a MUST when getting dressed for your big day. We have a selection of great gifts for your bridesmaids, and no, you wont have break your bank. All our gifts can be uniquely personalised to suit your wedding theme. Here are our top 5:

    1. Bold Series Champagne Glass
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  8. How to 'POP the question' to your Bridal Party

    How to 'POP the question' to your Bridal Party

    Now that you have been swept off your feet by a beautiful proposal (or you did the sweeping) it's time to amaze your closest friends and family! Make "popping the question" to your Bridal Party extra special by giving them a unique gift specially made for them. We have a range of different products to help do just that! Your bridal party will always remember the special way that you asked them to be part of your Bridal Party on your Wedding day!

    Here are 5 Creative ways to get your Bridal Party to say "Yes!"

    1. Send them an engraved
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  9. Bridal Party Roles & Responsibilities - Who Does What?

    Bridal Party Roles & Responsibilities - Who Does What?

    Choosing your bridal party can be a difficult task. For some its easy, brothers or sisters fill the roles of your groomsmen and bridesmaids. For others, its your best friends. The size of your bridal party is purely up to you and your budget. The average size of a bridal party is 3 bridesmaids and 3 groomsman, but there have been many bridal party's a lot larger and smaller. The size of your bridal party will determine the roles and responsibilities each person has.


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  10. 4 Behind the scenes moments (we know you'll love!!)

    4 Behind the scenes moments (we know you'll love!!)

    After meeting the PR guru herself, Roxy Jacenko, this month at the Ministry of Talent seminar, we have been inspired busy little bees. So this week, we're taking you behind the scenes to show you what we have been doing while y'all were sleeping.

    roxy roxy2

    Our week starts off with some wild bareback riding along the beach - kidding! We do however hit the ground running each week; and this week was no exception.

    Here are our top 4 moments from the week that was:


    Our show room is up and running! Did I hear an -OH YEAHH- All our products for display for you to touch and

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  11. Top 15 ways to Personalise your Wedding

    Top 15 ways to Personalise your Wedding

    Personalise your wedding from start to finish to create a more intimate and special experience. Have your family and friends feel important to you throughout your wedding with these simple and handy tips:

    1. Create a unique wedding sign welcoming your guests to your wedding.

    2. Include guest names on your invitations.

    3. Sand ceremony - Personal moment between bride and groom. It symbolizes bringing together two families or two lives into a single stream.

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  12. Top 10 Bridesmaid Tips

    Top 10 Bridesmaid Tips


    Have you just been asked to be a bridesmaid?

    How very exciting! You might be left wondering, what your role is in helping the bride prepare for the big day? How can you help reduce stress and assist with little errands to make the planning easier? Never fear, we have put together a little list of things to think about:

    1. Make sure you are up-to date with the timeline of events for the big day.

    Check in with the Maid Of Honour and ask her (if she hasn't already) to prepare an itinerary of the day. This will be everything from when you need to arrive, what time each appointment is, to when the big day should be over. This can a perfect task (an exciting)

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  13. Wedding Flower Mistakes to Avoid

    Wedding Flower Mistakes to Avoid

    The Knot asked top wedding florists from around Australia for the most common mistakes brides make - here's what your florist wishes you knew.


    1. Not communicating with your florist

    When choosing a supplier you must pick one who you feel you can openly communicate with, and who you feel understands the overall look you are trying to achieve. This means that even if all the flowers you always wanted are not in season they can achieve the look you want. They understand textures and colours more than you realise, and as they also know what flowers are available at different times of year, they can use material you never would have considered together to achieve the most beautiful displays. - Hanna Evans from Brides in Bloom Briohney from Plumbago Flower

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  14. Hens Night Essentials

     Hens Night Essentials

    To ensure you don't forget anything leading up to one of the biggest days of your life, we have prepared a guide for all Brides and Bridesmaids, to make sure you have everything covered for your Hens night!

    Please follow our Checklist:

    1. Speak with the Bride-to-be and determine what she would like and what she wouldn't like on her Hen's Night.

    This is very important and it will determine if you are to have a crazy night on the town, a quiet stylish high tea, a relaxing getaway, cocktail bar, pamper package night, strippers, the casino or an action adventure themed day/night! Your bride to be need to be comfortable on the night and enjoy herself. She doesn't need to feel embarrassed or nervous, it is meant to be fun..with maybe a little friendly fire hehe!

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  15. The Barney Stinson Guide to Groomsmen Gifts


    Share my favourite groomsmen gifts? Challenge accepted...

    Your groomsmen are some of the most important and legen - wait for it - dary men in your life. They are your bro's and are there for the good times and the even better times, planning the most important of all bro holidays (your bachelor party) and there to suit up and stand by your side on the big day.

    The bro code dictates that you must show them your appreciation by presenting them with a small token from you to remind them of your special day, true story.
    I'm not talking about cheesy lovey-dovey cliché gifts, but something that will evoke high-fives and

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  16. Miss PF's top 5 secrets to enjoying your wedding day

    If your big day is approaching and you're feeling the heat (understandably) don't worry! I have some great tips and guidelines to embrace to reduce the stress and really enjoy the moments through-out your day. It is inevitable that some things have to be left to the last minute and there are some things you won't always have control over. Ladies, you're not alone and this is pretty normal for most brides and some grooms too!

    I hear from lots of brides and many say whilst it was the best day of their life, they wish they could of enjoyed the "moments" and let the day sink in. Once bride said 'it is when you look through your photos and videos of your day, that you go oh wow! I couldn't even remember that'.

    REST IS BEST: Ok, I know a little pre-wedding celebration might be on the cards, although this is good, try and get a good night's rest and rise at a decent time ( don't sleep in too long, you may feel drowsy ). Start the day with a nutritious breakfast

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  17. Welcome to Personalised Favours

    Welcome to Personalised Favours

    Welcome to Personalised Favours!

    We have created a blog dedicated to inspiring you to design and create a beautiful wedding day which is uniquely yours and reflects your personality.

    Our team at Personalised Favours understand that your wedding day is your special day and you want to make it perfect for your friends and family. Our aim is to make this process a little easier for you by keeping you updated on our new product arrivals and posting some interesting wedding ideas and products found in our travels.

    You may ask, what makes our products so unique?
    Well most of our products can be personalised with you unique design or message. Our team of graphic designers are always creating funny, cute, romantic cartoon characters to give you and your guests a unique remembrance gift of your special day.


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