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  1. What Type of Bride Are You? A star sign guide for every bride.

    What Type of Bride Are You? A star sign guide for every bride.

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    If you've ever wondered what type of bride you'll be once your partner pops the question, we've put together the complete guide to cover all kinds from blushing to bridezilla. Based on your birthday and your zodiac sign, this astrological bride guide will provide an indication of what's to come and offers suggestions on the ultimate gift for every bride. Don't thank us. The answers have been written in the stars- BRIDES OF THE ZODIAC

    Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19): Tried and True Choices


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  2. Wedding Dress Trends 2018

    Wedding Dress Trends 2018

    As we inch toward 2018, we revisit some of the top wedding dress trends predicted to lead next year's bridal couture. What is taking off and what has been a flop? If you're planning on tying the knot in the near future, stay ahead of the style pack with the latest wedding dress trends for 2018.

    Big Bows

    Old Hollywood style is back, with big, billowy, oversized bows a staple of the 2018 chic set. Extra-large bows add a feminine touch to the most simple of silhouettes, espousing playfulness and beauty for every bride.

    Bridal Body Jewellery

    Inspired by the exquisite body jewellery of brides across the globe, bridal body jewellery features heavily in 2018. No body parts are off limits – choose your bridal statement piece to best reflect your own individual style and flair.

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