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  1. What to get our MD for Father's Day?

    Leaving a high-flying career in corporate banking to become Joint Managing Director of a personalised wedding favours and special occasion online store is an unusual choice for most 30-something dads. But this is exactly what MD Matthew Mosse-Robinson did back in 2013. And he's never looked back. Joining forces with sister-in-law and PF Founder Melissa Wilkinson, together they have transformed the company from a backyard operation into a multimillion dollar international enterprise, dispatching 3000 orders across Australasia and the US every month.

    As the token male staff member and honorary 'Office Dad' we ask the all-important question: what do we get our MD for Father's Day?

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  2. The 9 Best Ways to Involve Your Dad in Your Wedding Day

    The 9 Best Ways to Involve Your Dad in Your Wedding Day

    Dads play an important role in the life of their little girl. Protector, provider and in many cases a role model for the man you will one day marry. There is often not a more pinnacle event in a father-daughter relationship than when your Dad walks you down the aisle. So, with Father's Day fast approaching we thought we'd share with you nine of the best ways to involve your Dad on your wedding day and make him a special part of your 'I Do' celebrations.

    1. Involve him in the planning

      The key to involving dad in your wedding planning is to play to his strengths. Think about what he's good at and interested in - let him be your financial planner, wedding website developer, venue critic or use his contacts to source you the best photographer/caterer/florist he can find

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  3. Father's Day Gifts to suit all types of Dads'. Which one best suits yours?

    Father's Day Gifts to suit all types of Dads'. Which one best suits yours?

    With Father's Day just around the corner, we're asking ourselves that familiar question of what to buy dad this year. (Easy to love, hard to buy for!) Rather than suggest gifts randomly we thought we'd try and match your dads personality type with the gift that best suits. Here goes:


    Description: He's the big-kid of the family and will jump at the opportunity for anything fun-filled. You're never bored when this guy is around!


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  4. The top 5 (BEST and WORST) Father's Day gifts

    The top 5 (BEST and WORST) Father's Day gifts

    With only 8 or so weeks to go until its Father's Day, there's no better time to share with you some of our favourite gift ideas for your dad. Look no further, we have all the gift ideas covered, from useful gifts to awful gifts.

    So, if your looking for a little inspiration to tell dad just how much he means to you ( or maybe to show how little you care ) then read on:

    PF's TOP 5 WORST Father's Day GIFT IDEAS

    1. The Daddle

    Seriously?! HELL NO


    2. A Back scrubber.

    Who wants to get Wife of the year??

    back scrub

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