Non-Lame Hens and Bucks Party Ideas That Don't Involve Cliché Clubbing

Clubbing is so overrated, right! Gone are the days of smelly club fuelled Hens and Bucks celebrations. Oh don't get me wrong the still exist but many Brides and Groom are opting for something less cliché or less smelly.. There are so many brilliant alternatives out there to choose from to personalise the celebrations. If you have a wide variety of people at different ages, it is also important to consider what they will enjoy too. I mean c'mon, no point going on Studs Afloat with your Grandma ( unless she's into that of course ) but you get my point. Most hens and bucks celebration are enjoyed over the weekend and involve some sort of alcohol enjoyment and maybe a mankini for the lucky Groom?

Here are Miss PF's top ideas to inspire a memorable time with your friends and family.

Hens / Chicks / Ladies:  Daytime Activities

  1. Spa Treatments - Pedi, Mani, Massage, Facial
  2. Mobile Nail Artist - Have a mobile artist c
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