1. Top 6 Baby Shower Gift Ideas for 2019

    Top 6 Baby Shower Gift Ideas for 2019

    Buying for a new baby – or more accurately, their parents-to-be – can be a tad tricky: you want to get something pretty and practical, but you’re also pretty sure they’ll receive enough baby wipes and cotton washcloths to last them several lifetimes. For modern baby shower presents, it’s time to look a little outside the box. To make sure your next purchase doesn’t end up on the ‘regifting’ pile, first check out this list of 2019’s top six baby shower gift ideas… the new parents (and your wallet!) will be pleased you did.

    1. A long-lasting memento they’ll treasure

    If you’ve already got a bub of your own, you’ll know that you can become completely overwhelmed with presents when your b

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  2. Weddings and Kids - Is it a good idea?

    Weddings and Kids - Is it a good idea?

    This week we have been looking into having kids at your wedding. We know that there is a divided opinion on this topic, with many choosing to opt out on kids at their wedding, but for others, the day wouldn't be the same without them.

    We all know, kids can definitely be a handful, with their attention spans often drifting from one thing to the next in a matter of seconds. Which is why we've decided to discuss and provide ideas and inspiration to soon-to-be-brides who are having kids, be that their own, family or friends at their wedding, with ideas with ways to entertain and incorporate them into your special day.

    1. Wedding Favours for kids

    Especially with their short attention spans, you need to keep kids entertained. Providing them with favours on their table, or where they are seated is a great way to keep them occupied. Have a look at these gorgeous kids table ideas. They have crayons, paper,

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