Why we love Afterpay for Father's Day

Every year you promise you're going to get Dad a truly great gift for Father's Day because, well, he deserves it - and then it kinda creeps up on you and before you know it, it's here and your account balance reads like a Parramatta Eels score, so you grab him a half-price box of Favourites and promise yourself next year it will be different. If this sounds like you, we've found a solution.

Afterpay is the way of the future and here we share with you why we especially love Afterpay for Father's Day.  

Give Dad a great gift on time

The most obvious benefit of Afterpay is the 'Buy Now, Pay Later' principle. Taking the old-school concept of lay-bys to the next level, Afterpay allows you to purchase a gift right now and pay it off later using regular instalments, with zero interest. This means you'll be able to show up to your Father's Day celebrations with a zinger of a Dad's Day present - think an

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