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  1. Why Spring is the Perfect Time to Say ‘I Do’

    Why Spring is the Perfect Time to Say ‘I Do’

    wedding day

    Springtime signifies renewal and growth, and what better sentiment to describe the coming together of two souls on their wedding day. It’s one of the most beautiful times of year to begin a new life together, with longer, sunshine-filled days, and stunning flowers beginning to bloom. If you’re hearing wedding bells this season, here’s some top tips to help you make the most of your Springtime celebrations.

    1. A bloomin’ beautiful time of year

    Nothing says Springtime like big, beautiful bunches of flowers, and if you’re a little creative, there’s no limit to what your blooms can achieve.

    Firstly, think beyond the centrepiece: make garland chains out of your favourite flowers, use them to decorate your cake, or add edible flowers to your signature cocktail.

    You can also fea

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  2. Dads & Daughters: Wedding Etiquette

    Dads & Daughters: Wedding Etiquette

    When dad finds out that his daughter is getting hitched, it’s a range of emotions. Think Steve Martin in ‘Father of the Bride’. Whether it was a surprise engagement, or a long time coming, it’s an exciting time for everyone.

    From a big traditional event to a small beachside ceremony, a wedding is an important rite of passage for the bride, groom and both their families. One special relationship that takes a giant step into the next chapter is the father and daughter relationship – daddy’s little girl is getting married.

    With all that goes on when planning a wedding, there are some traditions that are close to the heart. We’ve put together a list of dads and daughters wedding etiquette, so this special bond can still be cherished from this day forward.

    Pre wedding planning

    Whether dad taps the credit card a

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  3. Spring Nuptial Celebrations: Weddings, Engagements and Hens Parties Galore

    Spring Nuptial Celebrations: Weddings, Engagements and Hens Parties Galore

    sporing banner

    Celebrate good times! Spring has finally sprung, and with it comes the most popular wedding season of them all. From the popping of the question, to the ‘last night’ celebrations and the big white wedding, the Spring season brings with it a whole host of reasons to get your party on. But if you’ve got a few friends getting married at this time of year – and let’s face it, who doesn’t? – you might find yourself getting a little stuck for inventive gifts for multiple celebrations. Never fear: the ultimate Spring nuptial gift guide is here.

    1. The perfect proposal pressie

    Hooray – they’re getting hitched! Once the question has been popped, the celebrations begin, and that includes the all-important engagement party.

    It’s the first time you get the chance to celebrate the happy couple, so you’l

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  4. Hot Looks for Summer Weddings

    Hot Looks for Summer Weddings

    outdoor ceremony

    Barbecues, garden games, couple’s cocktails and live music under fantastic festoon lighting: summer weddings spell laid-back fun under the sun.

    Whether you’re planning a breezy beach ceremony, sunny garden party or a nature-inspired soiree by the sea, it’s time shrug off the winter chill and embrace the sunshine with these hot looks for summer weddings.

    1. Delivering the perfect ‘destination wedding’

    Ever-growing in popularity, the destination wedding is a hot summer trend and the number one way to get your wedding party started, and then to have it stretch on for days to c

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  5. Saying ‘I do’ on your birthday: will it be twice the fun, or double the trouble?

    Saying ‘I do’ on your birthday: will it be twice the fun, or double the trouble?

    bride and groom wedding day

    Whether it’s a summertime wedding in a boathouse by the bay, or a chilly mid-June celebration on a sprawling estate, for some of us, our major wedding plans were locked in before we even knew who our fiancé would be.

    But imagine this scenario: the venue of your dreams only has one date available in your preferred month, and by coincidence, it happens to be on your birthday. Would you choose to lock it in, or try your luck elsewhere?

    Depending on your perspective, getting married on your birthday could be a party that’s twice as nice, or end up causing you double the headache – here are the pros and cons of a hybrid celebration.  

    CON: Your gifts might end up MIA 

    Our birthdays assure us the chance to be a shining star for a day, and to be showered with love (and fabu

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  6. Plan Your Perfect Winter Wonderland Wedding

    Plan Your Perfect Winter Wonderland Wedding

    winter wedding

    Gone are the days when wedding season began in September and was finished by May. Winter weddings are all the rage – picture cosy, candlelit nuptials filled with mulled wine, rich winter décor and bold colour palettes – and you can see why winter weddings are so on-point.

     For anyone hitting this oh so cool wedding trend – either this year or next – we share with you insider industry secrets on how to plan your perfect winter wonderland wedding, and put you on the path to wedded winter bliss.

     5 secrets to create a wedded winter wonderland

    Winter weddings stand out because of their elegance, their uniqueness and their ability to use the stark contrast of the chilly conditions and bare landscape to emphasise the warmth and beauty of the celebrations within.

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  7. They spent what!? Inside the average cost of an Aussie wedding (and how you can bag a bargain)

    They spent what!? Inside the average cost of an Aussie wedding (and how you can bag a bargain)

    Are you planning a wedding and wondering if you’re coming in under – or over – the budget of a standard Australian bash? According to a recent survey by WeddedWonderland.com, the average couple is spending $53,168 on their wedding.

    While this might seem like a bit of a staggering number, the survey also showed that couples’ priorities are shifting, with a new wave of savvy shoppers bagging their bargains online. Here, we give you a sneak peek into what other betrothed couples are spending on their big day, and share some tips and tricks to help you get big style on a smaller budget.

    Cost 1: The stationery and invites    

    According to the WeddedWonderland.com survey, the average couple is spending about $784 just to get the word out about their celebration.

    When you think about the fact that bride

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  8. Hello Summer! How to create a sensational summer wedding celebration

    Hello Summer! How to create a sensational summer wedding celebration

    The breeze is warm and the sand is hot. Summer is here! What a perfect season to celebrate. Summer is the ideal season for celebrations of every kind, and celebrations of love are no exception. Whether you're planning an Engagement Party, Wedding, Vow Renewal or simply a celebration of love and life, we share with you our top tips to create a truly sensational summer celebration.

    1. Keep it cool

    Possibly the most important factor to enjoy your summer celebrations is to ensure yourselves and your guests stay cool and well hydrated.

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  9. Why Rain is Good News for Your Wedding Day

    Why Rain is Good News for Your Wedding Day
    They say a wet knot is harder to untie, so why worry about a little rain on your big day? You've chosen your flowers, the menu is locked in, and your hair and makeup styles are ready to the last curl and eyelash. But there's one thing you really can't plan for: the weather. And while predictions of rain might seem like a disaster, don't despair - it could actually be the greatest gift you receive.
    1. Rain symbolizes cleansing and renewal, and is actually good luck!
    In a large number of cultures, rain on your wedding day symbolizes a fresh beginning and the 'washing away' of anything negative in your past, and in the Hindu tradition, it's said to foretell of a strong marriage. Because of this, many people actually pray for rain on their big day. If kids are in your future, you can find comfort in the fact that a little wet weather is said to mean new life and healthy children for the bride and groom. You may have also
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  10. Hip, hip, hooray: you're getting married on your birthday! Do two celebrations mean double the fun?

    Hip, hip, hooray: you're getting married on your birthday!  Do two celebrations mean double the fun?

    Beautiful woman

    It's a given that the team at PF loves a big, bold party, so we're obviously on board with a new trend in weddings: brides-to-be are opting to double-up on their celebrations by getting hitched on their birthday. If this is an option you're considering, here we look at the pros and cons of the affectionately-titled Birthding or Wedday.

    CON: You'll only get one gift  

    Some people think a good birthday hinges on a great gift - and hey, we certainly agree! But while people will probably go out of their way to give you separate birthday-and-anniversary gifts for the first couple of years, this will probably peter out as the decades pass by - yes, this includes the hubby, too. If you're the type of person who loves attention

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  11. What Type of Bride Are You? A star sign guide for every bride.

    What Type of Bride Are You? A star sign guide for every bride.

    Image via: Style me Pretty

    If you've ever wondered what type of bride you'll be once your partner pops the question, we've put together the complete guide to cover all kinds from blushing to bridezilla. Based on your birthday and your zodiac sign, this astrological bride guide will provide an indication of what's to come and offers suggestions on the ultimate gift for every bride. Don't thank us. The answers have been written in the stars- BRIDES OF THE ZODIAC

    Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19): Tried and True Choices


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  12. Bridal Money Bonanza - Part 2

    Bridal Money Bonanza - Part 2

    wedding costs

    Wedding couple and coin rolls. Making a wedding budget and sticking to it can be the most stressful part of your wedding preparation. That's why we've compiled this two-part Bridal Money Bonanza. If you missed Part 1 last week, never fear you can still find all the info here. (Link to last week's blog). If you're up to the second chapter, read on to discover financial wedding advice to suit every bride and every budget.

    BRIDAL MONEY BONANZA: PART 2 Get real about the Guest List

    The number of people you invite to your wedding will have one of the biggest impacts on the budget for your big day. More guests = more money, so make sure

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    wedding budget

    As we zoom toward the end of financial year (June 30 in case you've been living under a rock), we're bombarded with every kind of EOFY special offer, discount item and once-in-a-lifetime tax time deal to encourage us to purchase, spend and save. But what does that have to do with me? You may be asking. Here at PF, we know that weddings can be an expensive business. So, we've put together a two-part Bridal Money Bonanza to help answer all your wedding budget queries, including some you may not even have known you had! Designed to help every bride on any budget, this is our EOFY gift to you. Don't mention it. You're welcome ?  

    BRIDAL MONEY BONANZA PART 1  The dollars for your dream day

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  14. Mother's Day Special: how to make your mum a part of your wedding

    Mother's Day Special: how to make your mum a part of your wedding

    mum daughter phone

    In continuing our celebration of all things mum in the lead-up to Mother's Day, we thought we'd share some special ways to incorporate your mum into your wedding celebrations. Here's how you can say “Thank you and I love you", by giving mum an important role and making her a VIP guest on your wedding day. Mum's the word As your lifelong supporter and most likely your biggest fan, your mum will play a very special role on your journey down the aisle both beforehand and on the day itself. For many couples, involving mum in special ways in their wedding celebrations is a way of saying thank you for all of the effort, energy and love she showers on you each and every day.

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  15. Extreme weddings: how to survive extreme weather on your wedding day

    Extreme weddings: how to survive extreme weather on your wedding day

    No matter where you are in the world, February will most likely see you experiencing extreme weather conditions. In the northern hemisphere, you may be battling blizzards or avoiding artic air blasts. Down under it's a different story, with heat so hot it can melt even the coolest of facades. For all of you extremists planning to marry in the coming month, we share our expert tips on how to keep it cosy or beat the heat and survive extreme weather on your wedding day.

    rainy weather
    Source: Thinkstock

    Summer shockwaves - playing it cool

    If your ideal beach wedding isn't exactly going according to plan due to exceedingly high temperatures forecast, don't panic: help is at hand. Save guests from burning their toes on

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  16. Getting married in 2018? Read this first

    Getting married in 2018? Read this first

    Love is well and truly in the air as we launch into 2018, with a raft of prominent celebrity couples planning to tie the knot before the year is out. If you're joining the ranks of Game of Thrones super-stars Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie, WWE heroes John Cena and Nikki Bella, or uber power couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, first up: Congratulations. But now that the excitement of your engagement and the sparkle of your diamond has somewhat faded ­- it's time to get down to the serious business of planning your wedding. Don't worry - we're here to help.

    STEP 1: Have an honest conversation with you partner about the wedding you both want

    Sitting down with your partner, without the interference of feisty friends

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  17. How the holiday season can help (or hinder) your wedding planning

    How the holiday season can help (or hinder) your wedding planning

    When you are planning a wedding in the near to not-too-distant future, the holiday season can be either a help or a hindrance. For some of us, it offers the ideal opportunity to test-drive different family dynamics and crowd combinations before the main event. It can also provide a much-needed break away from your usual schedule to dedicate to planning your big day. But for others it can be a source of frustration - suppliers are busy or closed and it may prove a stumbling block to your wedding planning momentum.

    christmas proposal

    We examine how to use the holiday season to your advantage on your journey to the aisle.

    Road testing crowd combinations

    You don't get a lot of opportunities to get friends and family together before the big day,

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  18. Fancy a festive season wedding? Read this first.

    Fancy a festive season wedding? Read this first.

    So, you've decided to host your wedding in the holiday season? While the halls are decked with boughs of holly and Santa begins appearing in the stores, you're shopping for bridesmaid dresses and attempting to book catering staff at Christmas time. Was it momentary madness that led you to book your wedding date during arguably the most hectic time on the social calendar? Or in fact a stroke of genius that allowed you to capitalise on Christmas cheer for your nuptial celebrations?


    We examine the pros and cons of hosting a wedding during the holiday season to find out.

    Pros of hosting a festive season wedding: More time for prepping and partying

    For couples who enjoy extra time away from the office at Christmas, getting married

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  19. Mother-of-the-Bride Style Guide

    Mother-of-the-Bride Style Guide

    While the bride and groom are the centrepiece of every wedding, there are several important players that hold an important role in the proceedings. Enter stage left: Mother-of-the-Bride (MOB) and Mother-of-the-Groom (MOG). The MOB's and MOG's form an integral part of any nuptial event, and as a guest of honour, we pay homage to the role they had in raising, shaping and doing their best to keep out of trouble, the person that the bride or groom is today. Here we share with you the ultimate Mother-of-the-Bride (or Groom) Style Guide, so this special guest can be dressed for success on your special day.


    Colour is an important consideration for MOB's and MOG's, as they want to fit with the overall theme - but not too much! Consider tones that complement the bridal party, but still stand out from the crowd. Avoid ivory or white, as this is too close to bridal couture and don't go for anything that will clash with the bridesmaids or

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  20. Band vs DJ: the eternal wedding debate

    Band vs DJ: the eternal wedding debate

    Forget sweetheart vs halter neck, carnations vs chrysanthemums, or emerald vs square cut: the one true eternal wedding debate is which entertainment is going to work best for your nuptial event? These days it can be as easy as plugging your iPhone into an amp and sharing preferred playlists with your dearly beloved, but is this a best fit for your individual celebrations? Here we tackle the age-old wedding debate: band vs DJ ­- so you can decide what will best complement the day you say "I do."

    Wedding DJ

    Considerations for your ideal musical accompaniment

    Whatever your own personal preferences, there are limitations with both options , band and DJ , that need to be factored into your decision making. These include:

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  21. How to write the perfect wedding card message

    How to write the perfect wedding card message

    As a wedding attendee, you are required to fulfil a number of duties. In addition to purchasing a thoughtful, affordable and individualised gift for the happy couple, adhering to a dress code and arriving at a desired destination on time (!), you're also expected to come up with a special, sentimental and sometimes Hallmark-worthy wedding card message in exchange for your attendance. We are the first to admit this is not everyone's forte. As such, we have devised a fool-proof step-by-step formula for writing the perfect wedding card message. The arriving on time part, we can't help you with.

    wedding gift

    Wedding card DOS

    The main purpose of your wedding card message is to congratulate the newlyweds on this

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  22. The before-the-ceremony wedding trend that has turned tradition upside down

    The before-the-ceremony wedding trend that has turned tradition upside down

    Weddings are about tradition. But they are also about trends - an evolving ritual that changes with the values, customs and habits of each new generation. Having your photos taken before the ceremony is one such trend gaining a cult following in weddings across the globe. Here we explore how this wedding phenomenon is turning tradition upside down and may just be a wedding evolution that is here to stay.

    wedding photos

     A time-honoured tradition in the new age

    The tradition of a groom not seeing his bride until the ceremony originates from the custom of arranged marriages - where virgins were sold to the highest bidder in exchange for cows and other productive livestock. Not letting a groom see his bride until after the marriage vows

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  23. 5 Gift Ideas for Hard-to-Buy-For Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

    5 Gift Ideas for Hard-to-Buy-For Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

    So, your big day is fast approaching and you've been planning for months, talking about it for even longer and it seems like you've got everything covered. The venue is booked, a wet weather contingency plan is in place, the photographer is good to go, the guest list (after numerous headaches) is set, and invitations have been sent - need we say it, the list goes on, But as the excitement of your wedding begins to take hold, your thoughts turn to the people that you'll share the majority of this special day with -- your bridal party! A sometimes-eclectic collection of you and your partner's nearest and dearest, this group will see you at your best (and maybe your worst), as you ride the roller-coaster also known as a wedding.

    Often underestimated, the bridal party have an important role to play, both in the lead up to, and on your big day. From fittings to rehearsals to decorating, your bridal party is in it for the long haul: acting as advisors, problem solvers and pillars of

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  24. Top 5 Trends in Wedding Invitations for 2017

    Top 5 Trends in Wedding Invitations for 2017

    Now that personalised #hashtags are de rigueur, and having your own Snapchat filter is commonplace, the process of planning your wedding day is becoming far more individualised than renting out the local hall for a big, boozy party with your nearest and dearest. The World Wide Web has left us all spoilt for choice, and it can be hard to know which direction to turn - for some, it can even leave us wishing we'd decided to jump on the next flight to Vegas to be married to the strains of Love Me Tender.  

    Today, the most important rule in wedding admin (or 'weddmin', as it's known) is to make choices that feel authentic for you, and the easiest way to do this is by thinking about your wedding's unique personality and individual theme. While it doesn't have to be too distinct , it's no longer standard for a beachside bash to make liberal use of seashells, starfish and sand , it should focus on the two of you, both as individuals, and as the couple

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  25. The average cost of an Australian wedding - and how you can save big bucks

    The average cost of an Australian wedding - and how you can save big bucks

    According to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)'s latest data, the average wedding in Australia costs $36,200, with the bulk of funds going towards food and alcohol. Results indicate that most couples use their savings to cover wedding costs (82%), with more than half (56%) relying on contributions from their parents to pay for their big day. 60% had to take out a loan to afford their entry into marital bliss, while 18% used their credit card - no doubt accruing interest on their "I do's."

    Survey results also revealed that only 43% of newlyweds stayed within their wedding budget, while 18% didn't even have a budget to begin with!

    Wedding spend sacrifices

    What these findings indicate

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  26. Watch out! 6 hidden wedding costs that can blow your budget

    Watch out! 6 hidden wedding costs that can blow your budget

      Budgeting for your wedding can be a stressful experience, as unexpected costs seem to occur at every step. To avoid being out of pocket after your big day, we uncover six hidden wedding expenses to watch out for:

    1. Wedding entertainment

    Clearly communicate with your wedding entertainers about what exactly their quote covers. Many bands and DJs will quote for their time and expertise, but leave out extra costs including hiring of specific music, sound or electrical equipment. Be clear on what they provide and you supply to avoid unexpected extras.

    1. Dress alterations and accessories

    Your dream dress may have just scraped in under your desired dress budget, so don't get caught out by forgetting to factor

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  27. 7 details to make your wedding memorable

    7 details to make your wedding memorable

    There are several essential elements that make a wonderful wedding: love, laughter, and a suitable life partner usually top the list. Once these big-ticket items are taken care of, it is the delicate details and personal touches that truly make a wedding memorable for the bride, groom, and their guests. Here we take a look at seven simple and inexpensive wedding details that take your nuptials from standard to stunning help create wedding-day memories to last a lifetime.

    1. Personalised wedding invitations

    Start off on the right foot with customised wedding invites that reflect your unique identity as a couple and your personal sense of style. Choose from monogrammed wooden pieces to royal style acrylic cards. Personalise your invites with guest names and special messages to set the scene for what's to come.

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  28. Forecasted wedding trends for 2017

    Forecasted wedding trends for 2017

    Wedding trends are like flowers. They grow, bloom and die out every season. Some return the next year with a fuller crop, while others only maintain a scattering of blooms. We look at which blossoms are expected to reappear in 2017 and those that may have had their day in the sun.


    Metallics are still tipped to be the front-runners for wedding colour palettes in 2017. However popular opinion is moving away from the glittering golds and sparkling silvers to softer, more muted metallic tones. Experts are also tipping khaki to make a comeback in wedding colour schemes in the new year.


    Continuing with the metallic trend, couples due to tie-the-knot will be setting the scene with mirror

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  29. Planning a wedding on a budget

    Planning a wedding on a budget


    There's nothing that will pop your engagement buzz faster than the realisation that your dream wedding and your wedding budget are not in fact aligned. Or even really remotely in the same universe.  

    So before you give up your dreams altogether (or threaten elopement), let's look at some ways you can save when planning your big day.

    What is your dream wedding?

    First of all, you need to decide as a couple the kind of wedding you want. This includes the major elements such as size, style, theme and timing. Then consider how this relates to the amount of funds you have available. Whether it be barefoot

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  30. We're Married! So now what?

    We're Married! So now what?

    Congratulations, you both nailed it. Boom, you’re married!

    Countless hours of planning, maybe some tears and quite a few champagnes and now wonderful memories to look back on. As quickly as it comes, it’s over which is the sad part. The honeymoon was bliss and you’re now both rocking it as the best husband and wife team.

    While you gear up for life as husband and wife, there are often some tasks that get overlooked. You know, the ones that make us go “Aw that’s right, that has to be done..”Updating your details can be a drawn out process which many of us leave on the back burner for a while. Preserving our wedding memories are just as important but these tasks can also get lost among our busy schedules.

    What do you do with all the left over wedding things? Don’t forget about your ‘Thank you’ cards but we will get to that later.

    Let’s take a journey with an after marriage to-do list! We will try and make this as exciting as humanly possible.

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  31. 5 Tips for Perfect Beach Wedding Stationery

    5 Tips for Perfect Beach Wedding Stationery

    Sun, surf, sand and a ceremony - doesn't it sound blissful! Beach and coastal weddings are forever a popular choice among brides especially in Australia. Beautiful locations, pristine beach coastlines and amazing views.  When planning your wedding it is important to take certain elements through the entire wedding so your ceremony and reception all link in style. Your wedding stationery is another important element and does not have to be a daunting task.

    Your wedding stationery sets the tone for the wedding and should reflect you both as a couple. Beach weddings are often associated with earthy natural elements that make up the beauty of your surrounds. Wooden invitations and save the dates are a perfect example of incorporating natural elements into your wedding.

    Made from Alder wood and pro

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  32. Non-Lame Hens and Bucks Party Ideas That Don't Involve Cliché Clubbing

    Non-Lame Hens and Bucks Party Ideas That  Don't Involve Cliché Clubbing

    Clubbing is so overrated, right! Gone are the days of smelly club fuelled Hens and Bucks celebrations. Oh don't get me wrong the still exist but many Brides and Groom are opting for something less cliché or less smelly.. There are so many brilliant alternatives out there to choose from to personalise the celebrations. If you have a wide variety of people at different ages, it is also important to consider what they will enjoy too. I mean c'mon, no point going on Studs Afloat with your Grandma ( unless she's into that of course ) but you get my point. Most hens and bucks celebration are enjoyed over the weekend and involve some sort of alcohol enjoyment and maybe a mankini for the lucky Groom?

    Here are Miss PF's top ideas to inspire a memorable time with your friends and family.

    Hens / Chicks / Ladies:  Daytime Activities

    1. Spa Treatments - Pedi, Mani, Massage, Facial
    2. Mobile Nail Artist - Have a mobile artist c
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