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  1. Dads & Daughters: Wedding Etiquette

    Dads & Daughters: Wedding Etiquette

    When dad finds out that his daughter is getting hitched, it’s a range of emotions. Think Steve Martin in ‘Father of the Bride’. Whether it was a surprise engagement, or a long time coming, it’s an exciting time for everyone.

    From a big traditional event to a small beachside ceremony, a wedding is an important rite of passage for the bride, groom and both their families. One special relationship that takes a giant step into the next chapter is the father and daughter relationship – daddy’s little girl is getting married.

    With all that goes on when planning a wedding, there are some traditions that are close to the heart. We’ve put together a list of dads and daughters wedding etiquette, so this special bond can still be cherished from this day forward.

    Pre wedding planning

    Whether dad taps the credit ca

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  2. The Top 6 Tips for A Successful Cross-Cultural Wedding Celebration

    The Top 6 Tips for A Successful Cross-Cultural Wedding Celebration

    Bringing together two families - with two very different sets of expectations for what the big day should entail - can be a tricky part of anyone’s wedding planning. And that’s even beforeyou throw in a difference in cultural backgrounds! Being raised in two different cultures means that, as a couple, you might have different ways of communicating, a different understanding of family dynamics, and a different way of looking at the world. So how can you make your union work, when you’re also uniting two different cultures? To celebrate National Harmony Day, we’re delving into the world of cross-cultural wedding planning, and sharing the top six tips to ensure your celebrations are a rousing success.

    1. Say it with a sand ceremony

    Firstly, you’ll need to decide whether your wedding is going to feature two distinct ceremonies, or if you’ll host a combined ceremony that celebrates elements of both cultures. Budget and logistics might help

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  3. The before-the-ceremony wedding trend that has turned tradition upside down

    The before-the-ceremony wedding trend that has turned tradition upside down

    Weddings are about tradition. But they are also about trends - an evolving ritual that changes with the values, customs and habits of each new generation. Having your photos taken before the ceremony is one such trend gaining a cult following in weddings across the globe. Here we explore how this wedding phenomenon is turning tradition upside down and may just be a wedding evolution that is here to stay.

    wedding photos

     A time-honoured tradition in the new age

    The tradition of a groom not seeing his bride until the ceremony originates from the custom of arranged marriages - where virgins were sold to the highest bidder in exchange for cows and other productive livestock. Not letting a groom see his bride until after the marriage

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  4. Wedding Traditions / Rituals and what they mean

    Wedding Traditions / Rituals and what they mean

    When planning one of the most important days of our lives we often just take on the run of the mill wedding traditions and rituals but never give much thought on what they mean, represent or where they came from. Today, most couples seem less focused on strictly adhering to tradition, expressing their individuality and creativity through different elements of their wedding.

    Below are some common wedding traditions and rituals and their meanings:

    Ritual: Sand Ceremony

    Unity ceremonies have been around for many years now. It is a method for the couples to display the joining of the two lives to a single bond hence the bride and groom each have a sand pourer with a different colour and the sand is poured into the one vessel symbolising unity. If you fancy taking part in this tradition then you can purchase a sand ceremony jar or unity set from our website. You can even

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