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Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Planning

Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Planning

We’ve helped countless couples in their wedding journey over the years – and now we can help you too!

From bonbonnieres to bridal party etiquette, we’ve just about seen it all, so we’ve put together top dos and don’ts of wedding planning to ensure your trip to the aisle is as smooth as possible.

Getting Started

DO create a moodboard of what you would like your big day to look like, at the very beginning of your wedding journey (or possibly before the question is popped for some keen beans!)

This way, you will be able to theme and style every element of your celebrations according to your original vision. If something feels like it’s not working, it’s probably because it doesn’t fit with yourdream wedding.

DON’T plan a wedding celebration that doesn’t fit with your budget or accurately represent your unique couple identity.

Some couples get caught up in what’s trending and what everyone else wants, rather than bringing the focus back to the main event: the fact they will be promising to spend the rest of their lives together.  

Spreading the Word

DO send out your save the dates as soon as you have a date locked in, so you can make sure the special people in your life don’t miss out.

DON’T send your wedding invitations out too late. Your invites should be sent at least three months before your big day, or earlier, especially if guests are traveling to attend.

Selecting your Squad

DO ‘propose’ to the members of your bridal party with thoughtful and personalised gifts to show them how important it is for you to have them standing by your side throughout your wedding journey.

DON’T feel pressured to choose people just because you were part of their wedding party or because you’re feeling forced into it by friends and relatives.

Choosing the members of your bridal party is a very important decision and you want to select the people who will show up for you on this day and every day.

Choosing a Venue

DO choose a location that fits with your budget, style and personal preferences. Are you a relaxed, easy-going couple who love to be outdoors and want to get your guests involved in games and activities on your big day?

Or are you after a more formal celebration, where honouring your family and heritage is the most important aspect?

DON’T try and please everyone. Your wedding celebration is first and foremost about you and your fiancé and it is the two of you who should have the final say in all major decisions.

Eating and Seating

DO direct guests to where they need to be with custom made seating signs and table numbers to avoid any confusion. Personalised menus are also a big winner for those who want to know what they’re eating ahead of time.

DON’T neglect to add personal touches to make your celebrations stand out. Personalised place cards, cake toppers and other customised wedding accessories will make your celebrations feel extra special.

Appreciation and Gratitude

DO give wedding favours to show guests your appreciation and gratitude for being part of your special day.

Some may have travelled long distances, bought new outfits, and selected thoughtful and generous gifts for you to begin your new life together, so make sure you let every person at your wedding know just how much it means that they are there for you.

DON’T forget to thank everyone who made your wedding day the celebration that it is. This might be your parents, members of your bridal party, and of course your new husband or wife for being someone you have chosen to spend eternity with.

Wedding Planning Your Way

We hope these important dos and don’ts for planning the ideal wedding day get you started in the right direction.

Above all, remember that planning your wedding should involve a lot of love and laughter and give you opportunities for connection with the special people in your life along the way.

Now we’ve got you started; download our 12-Month Wedding Planning Checklist to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered.

Make it Memorable

For everything you need to create a magical and memorable wedding celebration visit Personalised Favours.

Happy Planning!

Team PF. X

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