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Why Embroidery is Back (in a BIG way!)

Why Embroidery is Back (in a BIG way!)

Why Embroidery is Back (in a BIG way!)

Having recently launched our new Embroidery Range at Personalised Favours, we thought it would be helpful to share with you all the information we have about this ancient art and help answer all of your embroidery-related questions.

We’ve been inundated with interest about our latest collection, so here we’ll unpick (pardon the pun) why embroidery is making such a big comeback as the red-hot favourite for custom Christmas gifts and personalised presents for every special occasion.

What is embroidery?

First thing’s first. Embroidery is an ancient art dating back to 30,000 BC that uses a needle and thread to stitch your chosen designs and was originally employed to mend shoes and clothing.

Fast forward to 2022 and embroidery is now best known for adding a personal touch to a range of household products and fashion items including towels, pillow slips, blankets and bathrobes via the stitching of individual initials, names and designs.

What are the most popular embroidered gifts?

So far, our embroidery collection is proving to be super popular for personal ware including microplush bathrobes and oversized hoodie blankets and is also a favourite for kid’s gifts such as hooded beach towels.

Custom embroidered baby blankets and newborn accessories are also turning out to be a big hit for baby showers and new arrivals, while embroidered sporting goods were one of our most popular Father’s Day gifts.

What materials are best for embroidery?

Most fabrics can be embroidered on but the ones that lend themselves best to hand-stitched embroidery are pure linen or a cotton / linen blend.

Professional embroidery craftspeople (like the ones we have working on the PF Embroidery Collection) also use industrial machines to create custom designs and individual artworks on a range of materials including Mulberry silk, quality Merino wool and sturdy cotton canvas.

What are the most original or unique embroidery products?

Every embroidered product is unique because it has been specially made to feature personalised details for the lucky recipient.

If you are looking for something a little ‘outside the box’ for a custom Christmas, birthday, holiday or special occasion gift, check out our Water Bottle or Protein Shaker Gym Value Sets, that feature both professionally engraved and embroidered products, so you get the best of both worlds.

How long does embroidery last for?

Embroidery is designed as a long-lasting artform, with the key to its longevity to ensure it is always done on quality materials.

At Personalised Favours, we pride ourselves on only sourcing the best quality products and materials for all our personalised items, so therefore you can rely on giving your embroidered piece as a forever gift!

Clothes, towels, blankets and other washable items that feature custom embroidery can be washed according to the individual garment care instructions – with no damage to the embroidered details.

Many people agree embroidery has greater longevity than printing, so embroidered pieces will actually last longer than a traditionally printed piece of clothing or other household item.

How long will an embroidery order take to arrive?

Most professional embroidery machines can make between 500 – 1000 stitches per minute – that’s one hardworking piece of equipment!

As embroidery personalisation usually features the first name or initials of the recipient, most individual pieces can be created within a couple of hours.

At Personalised Favours, we guarantee all orders are dispatched within 5-10 working days once your custom artwork is approved. We also offer Rush Production and Express Postage options, if you need your personalised items to arrive a little quicker!

Who are the best quality local suppliers of embroidered gifts?

We always recommend having your embroidery done in-house from the business you’re ordering from to ensure best results. This way, there are no third parties involved and less room for mistakes.

Before launching our Embroidery Collection, we built a special fit-for-purpose embroidery room into our production warehouse at Personalised Favours HQ located on the scenic Central Coast of NSW.

All of our engraving and embroidery personalisation is done in-house under our roof by our qualified and highly skilled team members, so we can oversee the quality of all PF orders and make sure we’re giving you the best quality custom pieces.

Are there any limitations to embroidery designs?

Due to the intricate nature of embroidery personalisation, there are sometimes limitations on how many words or letters can be embroidered on a particular item. We always recommend sticking to first names or initials, just to be safe.

On some products that already feature a design or a blend of materials, there are only certain parts of the item on which the embroidery can be featured e.g., in the bottom right-hand corner or on the front side only, to ensure the best, clearest and most durable results.

However, most embroidery personalisation is only limited by your imagination, so get in touch to ask about our completely customised artwork and designs.

Your embroidery questions answered?

So, there you have it: your most frequently asked embroidery questions answered. If you still have questions or want to know anything more about our latest Embroidery Collection, feel free to reach out to our friendly Customer Service team and they will be more than happy to help you out.

We’re so excited about our custom Embroidery Range and we love sharing it with you.

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