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Wedding Favours & Bomboniere

Wedding Favours & Bomboniere

Looking for wedding gift ideas? Our online wedding shop has a large range of personalised wedding gifts that are sure to entice your senses. 

DIY Bonbonnieres
If you have a creative mind then take advantage of your engagement butterflies and start searching for a wedding favor that shows your token of appreciation. A wedding favour is a take home gift that should be personalised to leave a long lasting impression on your guests. It is a unique keepsake you want your guests to remember your wedding day.

If you love the natural outdoor elements then why not capture them in your little keepsakes. Sand, shells and pebbles can be displayed in our beautiful range of jars that come with engraved wooden or acrylic gift tags. This is a fabulous way to enhance a beach, rustic, country or garden style wedding. Our treasured glass jar collection or bomboniere boxes can also be used for brides that have been blessed with the talent for whipping up jams, spices, cookies, chutneys, lollies, sugar almonds, soaps, fragrancies and bath salts.

It is tricky to find the right gift that perfectly sums you both up as a couple. Try and write a list of similar interests you have that brought you closer together. So if its music that is your passion then why not download meaningful songs that your guests will enjoy. You can even make an alternative favour with a bride and groom’s choice. Our team can help you discover the joy of custom designing your own CDs and covers with our large selection of graphic designs and colour choices. We can even use your engagement photo that will be incorporated magnificently within our graphic artwork.

Decor Inspired Favours
Your unique token of appreciation should enhance and blend into your selected theme and colour pallet. Glass favours certainly add to that magical sparkle to your modern reception venue. Shot glasses, keepsake jars and custom designed glass coasters integrate beautifully within your guest wedding table setting. Could you even imagine your guests delight when they toast you with their very own personalised wine, champagne, scotch or beer mug? Such a devine cherish gift a water glass, Mason jar, expresso glass and stemless wine glass would make as an ideal remembrance of your special day.

Practical Wedding Favours
Don’t let your guests leave with a wedding gift they have no idea what they are going to do with it. Give them a memento they can use again and again and personalising your favour will make sure wonderful memories flood black from the joyous occasion you created.

Bottle openers are one of our most popular practical favours. Our bottle openers come in all shapes and sizes including anchor, hearts, thongs, keys, bullets and even little people! We even have bottle openers on keyrings and shaped to the size of your credit card to fit into your wallet nicely. If bottle openers don’t take your fancy then have a look at our diverse range of photo frames, book marks, pens and candles.

Quirky Favours
Let your personality shine through! Can you imagine your in-laws laughing in delight when they pick up a personalised golf ball and declare “that’s my boy” or your own family grinning when they see the custom designed candy and exclaim “she always had a sweet tooth”.

Don’t forget to let your guest share in the festivities by adding advice coasters to your guests table. A good tip is to get your guests to fill out their marital advice and pop it into the wishing well. The best top 5 suggestions can be incorporated into the best man’s speech. It certainly would make a fantastic ice breaker.

Double-up Favours
Why not use your favours as place cards? Every bride has a budget. So if you find an inexpensive high end quality favour that doubles as a place card- then I say why not go for it! If you’re going to the effort of custom designing your own wedding gift with your wedding details and heartfelt message then addressing your favour to your guest is like adding the cherry on the top. Majority of our bonbonieres can double up as place cards and our most popular range include printed chocolate bars, engraved wooden and metal coasters and wine glass charms.

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