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  1. Why the Best Gifts Always Come in a Box

    Why the Best Gifts Always Come in a Box

    Whether it’s a milestone birthday, anniversary or corporate gift, there’s a joyous, magical moment that comes when you open a stunning, personalised gift box and catch a glimpse of what’s inside.

    Whatever the occasion, and whoever the recipient, we reckon it’s as simple as this: because gift boxes maximise the mystery and magic of every celebration, they’re an almost universal gift.

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  2. Hottest Trends for Summer 2022

    Hottest Trends for Summer 2022

    After the events of the year that has been, with many of us locked down and cut-off from our friends and loved ones, as we move into Summer 2022 it’s time to let our hair down and celebrate!

    This season is all about community, connection and festive fun! As we once again see couples tying the knot and are able to gather together to celebrate special occasions with our nearest and dearest, we share with you this summer’s hottest trends for every kind of celebration – from birthdays to bar mitzvahs!

    Hottest Summer Trends for Weddings

    PF Founder and Weddings Expert, Mel Wilkinson, gets asked a lot about what’s trending each season for wedding celebrations. We picked her brain for what she’s seeing as the hottest wedding trends for summer 2022. Here’s what she told us:

    1. Small, more intimate weddings are here to stay. Couples are looking to host a s

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  3. Top Spring Fitness Crazes – Lose those lockdown pounds.

    Top Spring Fitness Crazes – Lose those lockdown pounds.

    If you live in NSW or VIC and everything, including your usual exercise or workout routine, has been turned upside down and left behind along with your social life, you’re not alone.

    With spring now here, and warmer weather on the horizon, many of us are looking for motivation to get moving and ways to lose those lockdown pounds.

    To save you time we’ve done the research for you. Keep reading to learn about some of the top spring fitness crazes that you can try, no matter what your current situation.

    Walk and talk

    It might seem obvious, but walking is one of the best forms of low impact exercise and has the added benefits of being great for your mental health, as well as being a perfect way to explore and get to know your neighbourhood, local parks, and hiking trails.

    This year, taking a walk during virtual meetings, or a quick break to walk around the block while working from home has bec

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  4. Top 7 Milestone Birthday Gifts

    Top 7 Milestone Birthday Gifts

    Have you ever tried to find a card for a 23rd, 59th or 42nd birthday?

    Though all birthdays are a year apart and a cause for celebration, some are seen as extra-special, big, ‘milestone’ birthdays and get featured on all the cards and decorations.

    Read on to find out the top 7 trending milestone birthday gifts that make gift shopping for these occasions easier and more exciting than ever before.

    Which birthdays are milestones?

    We don’t make the rules but besides 16th, 18th and 21st, milestone birthdays are usually a once every ten-year event marked by a big party to commemorate the end of one decade and the start of another. They tend to be the ones we remember and celebrate with family and friends.

    Decide for yourself which milestones to celebrate. The top 7 trending milestone birthday gifts below will help you make their day,

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  5. 5 Biggest Trending Birthday Gifts of 2021

    5 Biggest Trending Birthday Gifts of 2021

    Somehow, it’s already May and you’re sure to have loved one’s birthdays coming up.

    Soon you will have to start the scramble to find the perfect gift. It may be true that it’s really the thought that counts but you don’t want to waste your time and money on something they won’t use or enjoy.

    So, read on to find out the top five biggest birthday gift trends of 2021 that focus on making gifting easier for you, more meaningful for the recipient and better for the planet.

    Buying the perfect gift: where to start

    A good place to start is by thinking about your favourite people’s interests and what they value. Do they love going out for a nice meal? Do they collect anything? Are they into a particular hobby?

    Whether they are the person who seems to have everything, the one with really specific interests you don’t know what to buy for, or you’ve just run out of gift ideas and want to get them

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  6. Why Do Personalised Gifts Make the Best Birthday Presents?

    Why Do Personalised Gifts Make the Best Birthday Presents?

    When it comes to choosing birthday gifts it may be the thought that counts but that doesn’t mean you have to spend hours browsing to come up with a great gift idea.

    Spend less time shopping and give meaningful, fun and affordable birthday gifts by personalising something just for him or her. You’ll never have to put cash in their card or buy something you’re worried they’ll want to return again.

    You could simply customise an item you know they love or take it one step further and plan an experience to enjoy together that turns the personalised item into a treasured souvenir.

    Best Birthday Experience Ideas

    Looking for some birthday experience ideas? If they are an outdoor lover, you could plan a hike or camping trip and gift them a personalised luxe engraved water bottle or thermos.

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    2020: can we just put up the Christmas tree and call it a year? This year we have all had our fair share of stress and it's been one hell of a rollercoaster. 

    More than ever, we need a pick up and something to make us laugh. They say laughter is the best medicine but so is wine, right? haha.

    We wanted to share with you our favourite gift picks from our Inappropriate gift range. These are guaranteed to cause laughter and ultimately poke some fun at the year that was..

    1. Anti-Christmas T-Shirts

    anti-Christmas t-shirts

    2. Engraved Wood Wick Soy Candles

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    couple online shopping

    Although having the uncanny talent of finding a bargain is a top trait of a Savvy Shopper, in essence it is about making the most out of your hard-earned dollars. Part of being a savvy shopper is knowing when and where to buy.

    Life is busy and who has time these days to be wandering around the shops only to come home with nothing. Using the convenience of online shopping, you can compare products and find a sale.

    1. Remember that supporting local and Australian made businesses is at the forefront of many people’s minds and although the price may not be the lowest, you may find that shipping is cheaper, delivery is faster and the quality is far superior.
    2. Shopping out of season can snag you a bargain and taking advantage of those mid-year or end of year sales events. These major events are a great time to stock up on birthday and Christmas gifts for loved ones. It is important to set yourself a budget and ensure this includes postage if you plan to shop o
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  9. How Personalisation has changed Gift Giving

    Round wooden engraved coaster

    wooden engraved coaster

    The desire to create, give or own something individual, something completely unique, has gone well beyond Coke's marketing coup of individualised  name cans (or Nutella's like-minded concept of personalised jars).

    With our rapidly changing world, technological advancements and a growing network of creatives and entrepreneurs, it’s no surprise that the possibilities are endless in the realm of gift-giving.

    We live in a society where many of us feel the desire to constantly share many aspects of our lives. The announcement of a new baby, holiday snaps or a gift or purchase that is personalised and, undoubtedly uploaded to social media for some love from friends, family and followers.

    When you have a product that is completely customised to reflect your individuality, it adds an even greater value along with sentimental value for years to come (and does make for great photos if you choose).

    Here are some of our most popular personalised g

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  10. How to shop for the perfect birthday gift online

    How to shop for the perfect birthday gift online

    hip hip hooray banner

    Do you dread the thought of having to find the perfect birthday gift for a friend or family member?

    Everyone is unique and gone are the days of the cookie-cutter gift. With online sales booming due to our changing global economy, the options are endless. With the right amount of research and a savvy shopping attitude, you’re sure to bag a bargain while sourcing the perfect memorable gift.

    Tip #1 – Know your person

    What are their hobbies and interests? Are they in their own home, engaged or have children? Are they practical or do they prefer something pampering? Maybe they enjoy entertaining? Make a list and possible ideas that align with their personality and interests.

     wooden engraved board

    Tip #2

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  11. 5 most thoughtful birthday gifts this season

    son mother hugging

    mother son hug

    Buying birthday presents for your loved ones doesn’t have to be the dreaded annual task of trawling the shopping centres, wondering what to buy as you glance down empty shelves.

    This year, take the hassle out of birthday gift giving and make it all the better for your lucky recipient by ordering a bespoke and personalised gift that can be delivered straight to your (or their) door.  

    Here we share with you the top five most thoughtful birthday gifts you can buy for a loved one this season – all from the comfort of your couch.

    online shopping home

    Birthday gift buying made easy

    During the year, life can get the better of us all. Then, all of a sudden, it’s your mum’s, sister’s, or boyfriend’s birthday AGAIN. You have to find an original present because the voucher you gifted them last year, just

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  12. Girlfriend gifts: 5 gifts your BFF’s will lurve

    Bridal Party celebrating

    Bridesmaids having fun

    They’ve been there through it all; through the highs, the lows, through thick and thin. Now your ultimate girl gang will be right there with you as you step into the next chapter and marry the love of your life. 

    The group planning probably started from the moment you said yes, and chances are they’ve probably spent a lot of their time organising your pre-wedding events along the way. 

    For the hens’ weekend, the bridal shower, the wedding dress shopping and the heartfelt speech on the day, a thoughtful gift to say ‘thank you’ is an ideal way to show your appreciation. 

    With so many different personalities in one group, finding the right bridal party gift for everyone can be overwhelming. Show your gratitude with these top 5 gifts your BFF’s will lurve.


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  13. Not Safe for Work Gifts: naughtiest gifts for 2019

    Not Safe for Work Gifts: naughtiest gifts for 2019

    not safe for work gifts header

    Ever dreamed of letting your colleagues know how you really feel? Or fantasised about sending a farewell message to your ex? Or perhaps you’re just searching for a cheeky gift to spoil your bestie or excite your significant other?

    Well look no further, because we’ve put together a range of the naughtiest gifts for 2019 to bring you the bespoke and beautiful Personalised Favours Inappropriate Gifts collection.

    While these gifts are definitely not safe for the workplace, they will give you a giggle and make you want more of exactly where they came from…



    Naughty Gifts for Colleagues

    If you often suffer from a case of Mondayitis and your colleagues or co-workers just can’t seem to get the hint, save your energy and prevent blowing a gasket by investing in a fun and functional It’s Monday Bla

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  14. Saying ‘I do’ on your birthday: will it be twice the fun, or double the trouble?

    Saying ‘I do’ on your birthday: will it be twice the fun, or double the trouble?

    bride and groom wedding day

    Whether it’s a summertime wedding in a boathouse by the bay, or a chilly mid-June celebration on a sprawling estate, for some of us, our major wedding plans were locked in before we even knew who our fiancé would be.

    But imagine this scenario: the venue of your dreams only has one date available in your preferred month, and by coincidence, it happens to be on your birthday. Would you choose to lock it in, or try your luck elsewhere?

    Depending on your perspective, getting married on your birthday could be a party that’s twice as nice, or end up causing you double the headache – here are the pros and cons of a hybrid celebration.  

    CON: Your gifts might end up MIA 

    Our birthdays assure us the chance to be a shining star for a day, and to be showered with love (and fabulous gifts).

    But if you’re the type of person who opts for a ‘birthday week’ each year, you might feel a little short-changed when all of your favourite festivities get

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  15. Cheeky Birthday Surprises: bold and bespoke birthday gifts for all your faves

    Cheeky Birthday Surprises:  bold and bespoke birthday gifts for all your faves

    birthday dinner cheers

    When your BFF’s birthday rolls around this year, don’t get them (yet another) gift card.

     Instead, think outside the box with original, customised birthday gifts for all the special people in your life. From party animals to unprepared homemakers, we’ve got the cheeky and charming birthday gifts that’ll have your present-buying wrapped up in no time. 

     For the friend who is always the first to RSVP to a party    

    Who doesn’t have a good-time gal or guy in their life? They can always be relied on to agree with your suggestion of a cheeky drink on a school night, and because of them, you’ll usually end up raging ‘til 2am.

    For their birthday, picking the right gift is easy – they’ll love a personalised wine, beer or shot glass to indulge in their favourite tipple. But how do you take it one step further?

    This Engraved Wine Glass and Shot Glass Se

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  16. Top Gifts for Caffeine Addicts

    Top Gifts for Caffeine Addicts

    coffee lover

    We all enjoy a piccolo for a pick-me-up every now and then, but some people’s love for the humble coffee bean goes much further. 

    These are the true caffeine addicts: they spend a long time ‘procaffeinating’ of a morning, because they just can’t start working until their coffee does, and they live in permanent ‘perkatory’ as they wait for their next coffee fix.  

    In honour of #InternationalCoffeeDay on 1 October 2019, we’ve rounded up the best, most brew-tiful gifts for caffeine addicts everywhere to help them celebrate.

    1. How mug-nificent!

    If you know someone who takes their coffee strong, hot and not very seriously, they’re the perfect candidate for a novelty mug. Everyone needs their own, special vessel for the good, black stuff, and a personalised mug is an excellent way for them to espresso how they really feel, while warding off any crockery thieves lurking in the staff kitchen.

    Ideal for the caffeine addict who treats their m

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  17. The Top Personalised Birthday Gifts for 2016

    The Top Personalised Birthday Gifts for 2016

    Celebrating another year, or you know someone who's birthday is coming up? Im sure we all do, right! There's something so touching and meaningful about a personalised gift. Finding the 'right' gift is the hardest part. That's why we've put together a collection of pretty cool & unique gifts that you can engrave with the recipient's name, initials or even favourite saying and message just from you. Whether it be an engraved glass, engraved decanter, engraved wooden wine box - Personalised Favours has the answers or gift that will be treasured forever.

    Here are our Top Personalised Birthday Gifts for 2016:

    Engraved Glassware

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  18. The Hottest Trend in Wedding Invitations.. it's Acrylic!

    The Hottest Trend in Wedding Invitations.. it's Acrylic!

    According to the number one wedding planning gurus in Australia, Wedded Wonderland, the next big thing in invitations is acrylic. They all agree ( as do we ) - acrylic is everything. Unlike the usual card or paper invitations, acrylic is hard-wearing, luxurious and versatile, coming in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.

    So, why is acrylic so unique and what is it?

    Acrylic is a piece of plastic also known as Perspex. The 3mm sheet of acrylic is laser cut and engraved by our production team to create a custom and unique invitation design. Acrylic is lightweight and available in a range of terrific colours such as Black, Mirror Gold, Mirror Silver, Clear and Frosted.

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  19. Personalised Essentials: The Stubby Holder

    Personalised Essentials: The Stubby Holder

    Stubby coolers or holders have long been an essential Australian drinking accessory aiding us in the warm weather, providing grip, support and comfort when drinking our ice cold beer. Sometimes we underestimate the potential and under-appreciate its worth to us in times of need. Not only are these a handy household items but they also make fantastic wedding favours for guests. The Personalised Wedding Stubby Holder is one of our post popular items and keeps growing.

    Our graphics team developed some awesome art work options which are personalised to suit your style and theme. They can be as humorous or relaxed as you like.


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