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  1. Trending Corporate Gifts for 2021

    Trending Corporate Gifts for 2021

    If you’re buying branded materials for your business for the new financial year, you want them to stand out and make an impact.

    The best corporate gifts are ones that get a lot of visibility, such as products you can use daily, and take on the go, or ones that you would want to display in your office or home and use on special occasions.

    Having helped many businesses create eye-catching corporate products, we have made it easy for you, with our curated list of the most popular promotional products, staff appreciation gifts and client gifts for the new financial year below.

    Promotional Products

    1. Engraved Corporate Black Leatherette Golf Gift Set
    Perfect for any golf enthusiast with a relationship with your business, or a great way to start one, this engraved golf set definitely makes par.

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    We know what you’re thinking, corporate gifts = tacky plastic pens and stubby holders, but no necessarily. The corporate gift market has boomed in the last couple of years with more unique and high-quality options available to appeal.

    Whether it’s to generate word of mouth, reward your employees or thank a client, custom corporate gifts show individuals that they are important and appreciated. Not only are they unique, they are perfect for brand recall.

    Let us show you a couple of our top options for 2020/2021:

    Engraved Deluxe Square Serving Board

    Professionally laser engraved with your branding or messaging, this board is perfect as a grazing board at company functions and when entertaining clients.


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  3. Corporate Gifts with WOW Factor

    Corporate Gifts with WOW Factor

    office meeting

    It’s hard to cut-through in the market these days. Online. Social. Digital. SEO. The list is endless and overwhelming. Sometimes, the best way to make a big impression is the old-fashioned way – by giving corporate gifts with WOW factor.

     With the end of the financial year upon us, we share with you how to invest your end-of-year budget into customised corporate gifts and personalised promotional products that are destined to leave a lasting impression.

     Corporate gifts that stand out from the crowd:

     1.    Corporate gifts for him

     When wowing the guys in your corporate world – whether they be bosses, colleagues, co-workers, clients or potential customers – the secret is to think practical, with a personalised touch.

     Most men don’t appreciate gifts that don’t serve a purpose, so keep things simple yet effective, with custom-designed corporate gifts made specially to suit their individual personality.

     Toast to s

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  4. Top 5 Gifts for Standout Staff

    Top 5 Gifts for Standout Staff

    staff meeting

    With the end of financial year (EOFY) fast approaching, we begin to reflect on our top performers over the past 12 months. Employees who have dug deep, gone beyond and achieved outstanding results both individually and to the benefit of the business.

    The question facing many employers and senior managers is not only how to retain these high achievers, but how to recognise, reward, motivate them to continue achieving and hold them up as a model to inspire other staff members.

    For many, public recognition and an acknowledgement of their efforts goes a long way to achieving these goals. Here we explore the top five gifts for standout staff and how to appropriately recognise our most exceptional employees.

    5 Best Corporate Gifts for Standout Performers:

    1. Top Performers

    Every organisation has its top performers. The employees who manage to bring home the bacon time and again. Whether it be through innovative

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  5. Top Gifts for Caffeine Addicts

    Top Gifts for Caffeine Addicts

    coffee lover

    We all enjoy a piccolo for a pick-me-up every now and then, but some people’s love for the humble coffee bean goes much further. 

    These are the true caffeine addicts: they spend a long time ‘procaffeinating’ of a morning, because they just can’t start working until their coffee does, and they live in permanent ‘perkatory’ as they wait for their next coffee fix.  

    In honour of #InternationalCoffeeDay on 1 October 2019, we’ve rounded up the best, most brew-tiful gifts for caffeine addicts everywhere to help them celebrate.

    1. How mug-nificent!

    If you know someone who takes their coffee strong, hot and not very seriously, they’re the perfect candidate for a novelty mug. Everyone needs their own, special vessel for the good, black stuff, and a personalised mug is an excellent way for them to espresso how they really feel, while warding off any crockery thieves lurking in the staff kitchen.

    Ideal for the caffeine addict who treats their m

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  6. Personalise Your Power: Mel' Story

    Personalise Your Power: Mel' Story

    In celebration of International Women's Day (IWD) 2018 on March 8, we want to share a story with you about a woman who inspires us all. PF company founder and online entrepreneur, Melissa Wilkinson, began an e-Bay business in her garage nine years ago. Through a whole lot of blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice, the business has been transformed from a backyard operation into a multimillion dollar international enterprise, operating throughout Australia and the US. This is her story.

    In the beginning

    Mel always knew she had to be successful because she loves expensive stuff. With a degree in Industrial Design (Hons) and a background designing product ranges for clients including Disney, Adidas and David Jones, Mel is passionate about designing and creating beautiful, innovative products with a sentimental edge. Her own engagement caused Mel to observe a gap in the wedding market for original, personalised, reasonably-priced wedding products, so she set out

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  7. 2015 Christmas Business Gift Guide - Please not another pen -

    2015 Christmas Business Gift Guide - Please not another pen -

    Christmas is a time for gift giving for many businesses and choosing the right gift for your staff, business partner, associates or customers is very important. Personalisation is a huge topic right now. A large percentage of the buying experience is based on how the customer or client is treated. In an age where we are constantly connected, we need to touch base directly with the customer and a gift this Christmas that is truly thoughtful and personalised just for them.

    Personalised gifts work really well and they also ensure your business maintains a personal identity and a high level of customer satisfaction. The familiarity and knowledge that comes with gifts that are personalised brings customers back to your store, business and/or service.

    To save you time this festive season, we have created this corporate gift guide to help you choose the best Corporate Christmas Gifts for 2015:

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  8. Keen for Halloween

    Keen for Halloween

    Halloween is fast approaching, October 31st!

    At Personalised Favours we get into the festive spirit, celebrating Halloween with a dress up party in the office followed by a scary movie! Some activity ideas for Halloween include trick or treating, costume parties, bonfires, apple bobbing, visiting haunted houses, carving pumpkins, telling scary stories and watching horror films.

    We have plenty of great products to celebrate Halloween with, such as our Engraved Waiters friends and Batman Cake Toppers!

    Checkout our website for all our products. How will you be spending Halloween? If you plan on having a scary movie marathon, here are this year's top 5 scary movies to add to your list!

    1. Insidious: Chapter 3
    2. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension
    3. Crimson Park
    4. Poltergeist
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