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Destination Wedding

  1. Plan Your Perfect Winter Wonderland Wedding

    Plan Your Perfect Winter Wonderland Wedding

    winter wedding

    Gone are the days when wedding season began in September and was finished by May. Winter weddings are all the rage – picture cosy, candlelit nuptials filled with mulled wine, rich winter décor and bold colour palettes – and you can see why winter weddings are so on-point.

     For anyone hitting this oh so cool wedding trend – either this year or next – we share with you insider industry secrets on how to plan your perfect winter wonderland wedding, and put you on the path to wedded winter bliss.

     5 secrets to create a wedded winter wonderland

    Winter weddings stand out because of their elegance, their uniqueness and their ability to use the stark contrast of the chilly conditions and bare landscape to emphasise the warmth and beauty of the celebrations within.

     We’ve gleaned the best advice from numerous wedding experts and now bring you the five best industry secrets on how to create your own perfect wedded winter wonderland.


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  2. Happy Harmony Day: our guide to cross-cultural wedding celebrations

    Happy Harmony Day: our guide to cross-cultural wedding celebrations

    Bride And Groom Enjoying Meal At Wedding Reception

    The marriage of a couple brings together two families, two sets of ideas and traditions, and two diverse ways of life. But what if your marriage also marks the union of two cultures? To commemorate national Harmony Day 2018, we share our complete guide to successful cross-cultural wedding celebrations.

    Ceremonial rights

    Straight off the mark: decide whether you are going to have two distinct ceremonies or a combined ceremony that includes elements of both cultures. If your cultures are distinctly different and one of you wouldn't feel satisfied without a full traditional ceremony, then two ceremonies may be the only way to go. Just remember, this will have an impact on your budget and logistics. Various cultures also have additional ceremonies around marriage that don't involve exchanging of vows. If two ceremonies sound too much, investigate opportunities to be a part of other rituals that play

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  3. Extreme weddings: how to survive extreme weather on your wedding day

    Extreme weddings: how to survive extreme weather on your wedding day

    No matter where you are in the world, February will most likely see you experiencing extreme weather conditions. In the northern hemisphere, you may be battling blizzards or avoiding artic air blasts. Down under it's a different story, with heat so hot it can melt even the coolest of facades. For all of you extremists planning to marry in the coming month, we share our expert tips on how to keep it cosy or beat the heat and survive extreme weather on your wedding day.

    rainy weather
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    Summer shockwaves - playing it cool

    If your ideal beach wedding isn't exactly going according to plan due to exceedingly high temperatures forecast, don't panic: help is at hand. Save guests from burning their toes on the

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  4. Top wedding trends for 2018

    Top wedding trends for 2018

    As the world holds its collective wedding breath for what will undoubtedly be the nuptial event of the new year - the much-anticipated marriage of Prince Harry to his all-American princess-in-the-making, Meghan Markle - we forecast the top wedding trends for 2018.

    royal wedding

    In the meantime, we'll continue to speculate on which of these trends will be included in the royal wedding celebrations, which no doubt will set a few trends of its own.

    Increased customisation

    Industry insiders predict weddings will become increasingly personalised and more intimate. Gone are the days of the mass-produced, one-size-fits-all, assembly line, standard wedding. In 2018, couples will be looking at increased localisation including unique locally-sourced produce, native

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  5. I (Still) Do: your complete guide to renewing your wedding vows

    I (Still) Do: your complete guide to renewing your wedding vows

    We all know weddings can be a hassle. So, what makes couples want to relive the experience by reaffirming their commitment to one another in front of their family and friends? Here we explore the best ways to renew your wedding vows and investigate what makes couples want to say "I (Still) Do!"beach wedding

    Reasons to renew your wedding vows

    The reasons for renewing wedding vows are as personal and individual as every couple. Some couples use this opportunity to celebrate a milestone in their marriage - others may renew their vows to reaffirm their commitment to one another after a rocky patch. There's no right or wrong reason to renew, but here are seven that inspired us:

    1. Celebrating a big (or small) anniversary - the 1st
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  6. Top honeymoon locations

    Top honeymoon locations

    When the stress and excitement of the wedding day has passed, it is traditional for the bride and groom to celebrate their newlywed status by taking off into the sunset on their honeymoon. According to My Holiday Centre, the average Australian couple spends around two weeks on their honeymoon at an average cost of around $7000. Whether it be long or short, near or far, for richer or poorer - we check out some of our most desirable honeymoon destinations.


    For couples that want to chill out on their post-wedding trip, you can't go past Byron Bay. Known as a mecca of relaxation and rejuvenation on the NSW north coast, this once sleepy surf town offers an abundance of seaside and hinterland accommodation options and honeymoon packages. If you want to intersperse your R&R with some activity, Byron and its surrounds offers tranquil rainforest trails, stunning mountain views, an exploration

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  7. Top 5 destination wedding locations

    Top 5 destination wedding locations

    These days everyone wants a destination wedding. Why make the fun end after only one day, when you can gather your nearest and dearest together for a week-long celebration of you and your betrothed? We have scoured the country and a little further abroad, to bring you our top five destination wedding locations for 2016.

    Destination wedding considerations

    When choosing the perfect destination for their impending nuptials, many couples choose a location that is close to their hearts - a place of great sentimental value or that symbolises key elements of their relationship. Others are guided by more practical concerns; will it be easy for my guests to travel to and from this location, is there ample accommodation, can we be legally married in this part of the world? Whatever your motivation or practical considerations, our top five destination wedding locations have something for everyone:

    1. The Whitsundays  - You c
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