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Father's Day

  1. Father’s Day Gifts to Suit Every Budget [Gifts under $20, $50, $80, $100]

    Father’s Day Gifts to Suit Every Budget [Gifts under $20, $50, $80, $100]
    With Father’s Day only a few weeks away it’s time to get serious about your gift shopping. 
    Forget your usual go-to-gifts such as socks, pyjamas or a Bunnings voucher – we’ve got fun, fancy and meaningful Father’s Day gifts to suit every budget. 
    Your dad may not seem to care too much about his Father’s Day gift, but nobody needs 50 pairs of socks, or a voucher for something they were going to buy anyway. 
    Get dad a Father’s Day gift he wouldn’t buy for himself that makes him feel appreciated, and ensures your place as his favourite child, this year. 
    What are you waiting for? Keep scrolling to find your dad the perfect Father’s Day present that won’t break the bank. 

    Gifts under $100
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  2. Father's Day Gift Guide

    Father's Day Gift Guide

    Somehow, it’s nearly August and we’re more than half-way through the unpredictable year that is 2021. During uncertain times it’s important to have things you can count on. For many of us this is the support of our families and friends.

    Find the perfect Father’s Day gift to thank your dad for his ongoing support; browse our curated Father’s Day collection full of unique and useful gifts for every type of dad.

    If you’re having difficulty deciding which category your dad fits into, take our Father’s Day Quiz or think about his interests and choose a gift that aligns with them but would also remind him of you.

    Read on to find the perfect Father’s Day gift for your dad!

    1. The Entertaining Dad

    Is your dad a great cook, platter master, or party host? Or does he just love nothing more than spend

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    Father’s Day is right around the corner (we can’t believe it either!), and if you haven’t organised a gift for dad (like many of us, oops), there’s still time but you need to be quick!

    We had a chat to some of our team member about what they would recommend from our range.

    Mark (National Sales Manager)

    “I’m a sucker for anything sentimental from my girls so I would recommend a photo printed coffee mug.”


    Melissa (Founder)

    “Gosh, it’s really hard to choose just one gift, but one of my favourites is Reusable Cork Band Coffee

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    dad son breakfast in bed

    He looks out for you and the family all year, so Father’s Day is the perfect day to spoil him and say ‘thanks!’ However, a year goes by really quickly and all of a sudden, it’s here again, we are busily trying to arrange a special gift and find him something that he doesn’t already own.

    The beauty with shopping online is that it can be done from anywhere at any time and with the current COVID pandemic, it’s a safe option from the comfort of your couch.

    Personalised gifts are more popular than ever for that fact that they are so much more than just a pair of socks or case of beer. Thought, creativity and love go into each and every gift and there is literally something for every type of dad and of course, something to suit every budget.

    Let’s take a look at some of our top picks for Dad to suit every budget!


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    The events of the past few months have taught us many things and one truth that’s been thrust into the spotlight is the health of our Aussies. Despite the fact that our health and hospital system is pretty solid, it’s important to highlight the importance of getting the right access to support services and take care of not just out own well-being but that of those we love.

    With this in mind, we have selected 5 Australian charities and organisations that are helping to get out nation and its men in a healthy headspace.


    This fantastic foundation focuses on the health and wellbeing through mentoring programs for boys ages 10-24. They equip young and underprivileged boys with the social skills they need to succeed in school and prosper in life. You can get involved by donating, joining their virtual fun run, volunteering or becoming a business partner.


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    Lampoon Dad

    Lampoon Dad

    You turn to your Dad for advice because you figure that they’ve been there before and don’t that. Just because they are older (and assumedly wiser) doesn’t always mean they are right.

    They often pass along ridiculous old wives’ tales or confusing advice in the hopes that it will steer us in the right direction.

    In among some of the worst or cheesy advice are gems of wisdom, guidance and love from our Fathers.

    Let’s take a look at some of the best and worst advice as given by Dads. If life has taught us anything, it’s that we have to take the good with the bad, right.

     Modern Family Phil


    "My dad (who has a BA degree in finance) told me that you can use credit cards as free money as long as you pay the minimum payments." – Simon

    "One from my dad a number of years ago: 'Money is there to be spent. If you

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    dad son camping

    We all know that dads can be pretty tough to buys for and let’s be honest, there are only so many pairs of socks and underwear that we can surprise him with.

    We recognise that every dad is unique in their own right and that’s what makes them so special. It’s time to step up your gift-giving game this year and really ‘wow’ dad with your thoughtful gifting skills.

    We have put together a couple of ideas (just in case you’re stuck). Oh, and just a little reminder to our customers to pop your orders in sooner rather than later to ensure your orders have plenty of time to arrive. We would hate for dad to miss out on his gift due to postal delays.

    Cocktail Making Set $107.95

    One for the sophisticated barman and cocktail extraordinaire called Dad!


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  8. Father’s on Fatherhood

    Father’s on Fatherhood

    dad helping son

    It may seem like yesterday that you graduated high school and now you are going through the life-changing journey of Fatherhood. The young, selfish and immature views of the world disappeared when your daughter or son arrived and suddenly you were their protectors.

    While fatherhood isn’t a walk in the park (more like Jurassic Park), it’s also an incredibly rewarding experience. Not only are we teaching and guiding our children through life, at the same time they are teaching us to much about ourselves.

    In reality, no dad has it ‘figured out’ and chances are he’s just winging it along the way. There’s one thing we will always love (and roll our eyes at) and that is their dad jokes and funny quirks reminiscent of those daggy TV dads with the laugh-out-loud punchline.

    We had the pleasure of chatting to Matt (our CEO), Mark (our National Sales Manager and husband to Mel), and Rob (Emma’s husband) about their thoughts and experiences with Fatherhood.


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  9. His First Father’s Day: Sentimental Celebration Ideas

    His First Father’s Day: Sentimental Celebration Ideas

    It's his first-time celebrating Father's Day, so you want it to be a memorable occasion for him. He might insist it's just a "Hallmark holiday," but let us assure you that your man wants to be acknowledged, appreciated, and admired on his big day.

    A first Father’s Day is so much more than receiving gifts. He finally has a beautiful baby of his own that we can love and guide through life.

    It can be a very special, even profound, moment when Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cease to be just about your parents – when the day also becomes about you and your partner as parents.

    It may take you a while to adjust to the fact that your new parents who are responsible for raising a tiny little human. You may even have a few moments where you’re thinking “Wow, I’m a parent!”

    Here are some sentimental ideas to help him celebrate his special day:

    1. Being a new dad often means giving up sleeping in on weekends. Let him enjoy a sleep in and maybe a hot breakfast

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    couple online shopping

    Although having the uncanny talent of finding a bargain is a top trait of a Savvy Shopper, in essence it is about making the most out of your hard-earned dollars. Part of being a savvy shopper is knowing when and where to buy.

    Life is busy and who has time these days to be wandering around the shops only to come home with nothing. Using the convenience of online shopping, you can compare products and find a sale.

    1. Remember that supporting local and Australian made businesses is at the forefront of many people’s minds and although the price may not be the lowest, you may find that shipping is cheaper, delivery is faster and the quality is far superior.
    2. Shopping out of season can snag you a bargain and taking advantage of those mid-year or end of year sales events. These major events are a great time to stock up on birthday and Christmas gifts for loved ones. It is important to set yourself a budget and ensure this includes postage if you plan to shop o
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  11. Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas – there’s still time!

    Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas – there’s still time!

    dad and baby

    We know, we know. You’ve left it to the last minute (again!) and now there’s not enough time to get dad a really cool, super thoughtful, original Father’s Day gift that lets him know you’re thinking of him…or is there?

    We share with you some of the funniest, quirkiest and most original Father’s Day gifts on the planet to give you the last-minute Father’s Day gift idea you’ve been looking for.

    Don’t mention it. You’re welcome.

    Last-Minute customised Father’s Day gifts for every dad

    No matter what dad is into, he will be impressed with the thought and care that has gone into creating him a customised gift. Here’s our five top picks for the best last-minute gifts dad is sure to love:

     1.    Father’s Day Engraved BBQ Set

    Is your dad the king of the BBQ - just so ‘flipping’ good that he needs an engraved wooden BBQ set?

    This practical g

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  12. Dads & Daughters: Wedding Etiquette

    Dads & Daughters: Wedding Etiquette

    When dad finds out that his daughter is getting hitched, it’s a range of emotions. Think Steve Martin in ‘Father of the Bride’. Whether it was a surprise engagement, or a long time coming, it’s an exciting time for everyone.

    From a big traditional event to a small beachside ceremony, a wedding is an important rite of passage for the bride, groom and both their families. One special relationship that takes a giant step into the next chapter is the father and daughter relationship – daddy’s little girl is getting married.

    With all that goes on when planning a wedding, there are some traditions that are close to the heart. We’ve put together a list of dads and daughters wedding etiquette, so this special bond can still be cherished from this day forward.

    Pre wedding planning

    Whether dad taps the credit card and lets the planning take place, or he’s there helping to pick the flowers, he might want to jot some notes down to keep track of key dates, w

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  13. Why we love Afterpay for Father’s Day

    Why we love Afterpay for Father’s Day
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  14. A sense of adventure: personalise your Father’s Day experience

    A sense of adventure: personalise your Father’s Day experience

    dad and family

    Dads help us with so many things in our lives. From teaching us to catch a ball and learning to ride a bike when we’re young, to guiding us through the ups and downs of life and helping to shape us into the person we become.

    It’s not often we stop and say thank you to dad for everything he has done for us. Father’s Day gives us that opportunity.

    So this year, harness your sense of adventure and give dad something truly memorable by personalising his Father’s Day experience to show him just how much he means to you. It can be your way of saying ‘Thanks Dad – for everything!’

    Adventuring together

    Better than a pair of socks or a last-minute box of chocolates from the Servo, do something with dad this Father’s Day. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, expensive or too much trouble, but spending quality time with your old man is sometimes the best gift you can give.

    Think about what his interests are and what he enjoys – and build your quality time t

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  15. What do you buy the Dad who has everything?

    What do you buy the Dad who has everything?

    dad and son

    Dads. They come in all shapes and all sizes. And they’re notorious for being the most difficult person in the family to buy for.

    If yours is anything like ours he pulls out the old ‘there’s nothing I need, just a hug will be fine’ line every time a gift is in order. But remember that one time you actually did call his bluff and forgot the present? You’re still living it down, aren’t you?

    The truth is, the menfolk in our lives are good eggs. And they deserve to know just how much we appreciate them, beyond laughing at his dad jokes that is.

    So, here’s six gift ideas to put a smile on the dial of the legend who says he’s got it all. Socks, underwear and neck ties need not apply.

    new dad kit

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  16. First time Dads: custom gifts for sleep deprived dads everywhere

    First time Dads: custom gifts for sleep deprived dads everywhere

    new dad

    There’s no hangover like a newborn hangover and for the first time, the special man in your life is experiencing the next level exhaustion that only new parents go through – supreme tiredness mixed with endless love. 

    There are plenty of ways to not only celebrate that love but provide a little relief, moral support and a good laugh to new dads. For the dads who like their shakes, a big brew of coffee or even an ice cold beer at the end of the day, we’ve put together six ‘save me’ custom gifts for sleep deprived dads everywhere.

     1.    Staying awake at the office

    If this new dadda is up all night then upright at his desk all day, this Engraved Wooden “New Dad” Postcard with Stand will make a memorable addition to the office desk. Made from distinctive honey brown wood, it is professionally laser engraved with his baby’s name, birth date, height and weight. A

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  17. 7 Best Father’s Day Gifts for 2019

    7 Best Father’s Day Gifts for 2019

    Tim the Toolman

    He’s the strongest, biggest, funniest, loudest, smelliest, most embarrassing, hardest working and most loving dad ever. So why not spoil your dad or father figure with a special gift this Father’s Day that’s personalised just for him? From the dad with a man cave, to a cheese and wine loving man of the house, we’ve gathered a list of the seven best Father’s Day gifts for 2019 – so you can find something unique for all the different dads out there.

     1.    The BBQ Dad

    If firing up the hot rocks is his domain, then a personalised Father’s Day Engraved BBQ Set is certainly a gift ‘well done’. Professionally laser engraved, dad can stamp his mark on everyone’s steaks with his own engraved BBQ spatula and tongs. This two-piece set is not only functional for the everyday BBQ, it will always be cherished by dad in the years to come.

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  18. Father's Day Gifts to suit all types of Dads'. Which one best suits yours?

    Father's Day Gifts to suit all types of Dads'. Which one best suits yours?

    With Father's Day just around the corner, we're asking ourselves that familiar question of what to buy dad this year. (Easy to love, hard to buy for!) Rather than suggest gifts randomly we thought we'd try and match your dads personality type with the gift that best suits. Here goes:


    Description: He's the big-kid of the family and will jump at the opportunity for anything fun-filled. You're never bored when this guy is around!

    Best Gifts: 

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  19. 3 Best and Worst Father's Day Gifts of 2016

    3 Best and Worst Father's Day Gifts of 2016

    Father's Day is sneaking up on us again. This is one day of the year we can truly appreciate our Dad and everything he does for us. So instead of rushing out to buy yet another fluorescent tie that will linger in the back of the cupboard, six pack of sports socks or a 'World's Best Dad' oversize coffee mug, why not get him something he might actually use (or even appreciate)? To help you avoid the useless (and give you some good ideas), we take a look at the three best and worst Father's Day gifts of 2016.

    Best and Worst Father's Day Gifts of 2016

    Ok let's start with the bad stuff. There is no doubt most of us are guilty of purchasing one of the following offending items at some point in our Father's Day present-buying history:

    1. Beer
      All Dads like beer. Well, all the ones we
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  20. The role of your Dad on your Wedding Day

    The role of your Dad on your Wedding Day

    The role of Dads on their daughters' wedding day was immortalised by Steve Martin in the 1991 movie, Father of the Bride, when he portrayed overprotective father George Banks, and the conflicting emotions he experienced in 'giving his little girl away'. Perhaps this movie highlighted to fathers everywhere, what not to do in regard to the happiest day of their daughter's life.

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  21. The top 5 (BEST and WORST) Father's Day gifts

    The top 5 (BEST and WORST) Father's Day gifts

    With only 8 or so weeks to go until its Father's Day, there's no better time to share with you some of our favourite gift ideas for your dad. Look no further, we have all the gift ideas covered, from useful gifts to awful gifts.

    So, if your looking for a little inspiration to tell dad just how much he means to you ( or maybe to show how little you care ) then read on:

    PF's TOP 5 WORST Father's Day GIFT IDEAS

    1. The Daddle

    Seriously?! HELL NO


    2. A Back scrubber.

    Who wants to get Wife of the year??

    back scrub


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  22. Top 5 Father's Day Gifts 2014

     Top 5 Father's Day Gifts 2014

    It's nearly September, and that can only mean - Father's Day!

    This is an important date in many people's calender and each year there are thousands of people celebrating their first ever Father's Day. For other Dad's out there, they could be celebrating their 20th, 40th or 50th Father's Day - and im sure by this time, you owe dad at least five pressie's to make up for all the trouble you've put him through all those years! Haha I know I do!

    Celebrate with your old man and and give him a gift he with treasure. We have a great selection of affordable and personalised gifts we know he'll love!

    Here are out Top 5:

    1. Credit Card Bottle Openers

    Our engraved credit card size bottle openers are perfect for the beer lover and he will love it even more with his name on it.

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