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Real Wedding

  1. Real Weddings: Mr and Mrs Smith

    Real Weddings: Mr and Mrs Smith

    Photographer: Leiafae Weddings

    Meet Hayley and Brady. They met five years ago, got engaged in November and were married last month in a beautifully intimate ceremony in rural NSW. We'll be joining them throughout 2018, as they navigate the ups and downs of their first year of marriage and share with us what life is really like once you've walked down the aisle. Having just returned from a whirlwind honeymoon tour of Europe - in which they had no idea of any of their destinations until they arrived - we caught up with them to get the lowdown on their first month of married life.

    PF: Welcome home lovebirds. So, let's start at the beginning. How did you two meet?

    Hayley: We met through friends, but our first one-on-one get together was a weekend where all our friends were heading out to a party. Brady had just had his wisdom teeth pulled out (his head was the size of a cartoon character) and I was sick with the flu. Brady came

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  2. Love always wins: a celebration of same-sex coupledom

    Love always wins: a celebration of same-sex coupledom

    gay wedidng
    Image via Pinterest

    The verdict in Australia's Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey at the end of last year was a cause for celebration around the globe. With a resounding 61.6% of survey respondents voting "Yes" in support of same-sex marriage, our land down under had finally joined the global movement of acceptance and love equality. And on the 40th anniversary of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade this past weekend, Sydney celebrated in a way only it knows how - with a festival of love that knows no bounds and shines a light on the issues affecting LGBTI people around the world.

    madi gras

    Image via Google


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  3. Top wedding trends for 2018

    Top wedding trends for 2018

    As the world holds its collective wedding breath for what will undoubtedly be the nuptial event of the new year - the much-anticipated marriage of Prince Harry to his all-American princess-in-the-making, Meghan Markle - we forecast the top wedding trends for 2018.

    royal wedding

    In the meantime, we'll continue to speculate on which of these trends will be included in the royal wedding celebrations, which no doubt will set a few trends of its own.

    Increased customisation

    Industry insiders predict weddings will become increasingly personalised and more intimate. Gone are the days of the mass-produced, one-size-fits-all, assembly line, standard wedding. In 2018, couples will be looking at increased localisation including unique locally-sourced produce, native

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  4. I Do Take Two: when your parent marries someone new

    I Do Take Two: when your parent marries someone new

    mature age wedding

    You'll attend all kinds of weddings in this lifetime. Perhaps among the most confronting is when one of your parents marries a new partner. Here a member of our PF family shares with us her recent experience of her father's journey down the aisle, second time around:

    My phone beeped, signalling a new text message. As I looked down, a grainy photo of my beaming father and his girlfriend sitting on a gondola came into focus. It wasn't until I zoomed in on the image that I realised my father wasn't trying to show me the splendours of the Venetian canals at all. Instead, he was gesturing toward the sparkling new ring that seemed to have sprouted  ­- as if miraculously ­, from his girlfriend's left hand.

    I felt the world around me start to spin. Was my father, the serial bachelor and poster child for divorcees everywhere, engaged? All hands pointed to yes. Now, I know th

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  5. Band vs DJ: the eternal wedding debate

    Band vs DJ: the eternal wedding debate

    Forget sweetheart vs halter neck, carnations vs chrysanthemums, or emerald vs square cut: the one true eternal wedding debate is which entertainment is going to work best for your nuptial event? These days it can be as easy as plugging your iPhone into an amp and sharing preferred playlists with your dearly beloved, but is this a best fit for your individual celebrations? Here we tackle the age-old wedding debate: band vs DJ ­- so you can decide what will best complement the day you say "I do."

    Wedding DJ

    Considerations for your ideal musical accompaniment

    Whatever your own personal preferences, there are limitations with both options , band and DJ , that need to be factored into your decision making. These include:

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  6. How to write the perfect wedding card message

    How to write the perfect wedding card message

    As a wedding attendee, you are required to fulfil a number of duties. In addition to purchasing a thoughtful, affordable and individualised gift for the happy couple, adhering to a dress code and arriving at a desired destination on time (!), you're also expected to come up with a special, sentimental and sometimes Hallmark-worthy wedding card message in exchange for your attendance. We are the first to admit this is not everyone's forte. As such, we have devised a fool-proof step-by-step formula for writing the perfect wedding card message. The arriving on time part, we can't help you with.

    wedding gift

    Wedding card DOS

    The main purpose of your wedding card message is to congratulate the newlyweds on this milestone

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  7. Cross-cultural wedding celebrations: our guide to getting it right

    Cross-cultural wedding celebrations: our guide to getting it right

    The marriage of a couple brings together two families, two sets of ideas and traditions, and two diverse ways of life. But what if your marriage also marks the union of two cultures? Instead of a being source of added stress, we take the headache out of planning a cross-cultural wedding and show you how a few simple ideas can see you host a truly spectacular cross-cultural celebration.

    Ceremonial rights

    Straight off the mark: decide whether you are going to have two distinct ceremonies or a combined ceremony that includes elements of both cultures. If your cultures are distinctly different and one of you wouldn't feel satisfied without a full traditional ceremony, then two ceremonies may be the only way to go. Just remember, this will have an impact on your budget and logistics. Various cultures also have additional ceremonies around marriage that don't involve exchanging of vows. If two ceremonies sound too much, investigate opportunities

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  8. Everything a bride should know before her big day

    Everything a bride should know before her big day

    We all know about the usual stuff that comes with planning a wedding. Book the venue, draw up a budget, compile your guest list and send out your save-the-dates. Not to mention organising flowers, food, entertainment and well, you get the picture. But what about a few home truths that aren't featured on the standard bridal checklist? We explore some of the lesser known facts every bride should know before her big day.

    Try before you buy

    And we're not talking about your groom! Make sure you taste test every morsel of food and drink that will be served on your wedding day. This way you know it's up to scratch and gives you a chance to enjoy it all - as you may not get to do so on the night.

    Practice makes perfect

    Just like your hair and makeup trial, there are a few elements of your big day you may want to run-through before the moment arrives. Decide with whoever is giving you away which side they will stand and how you will

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  9. If you're thinking of eloping, read this first!

    If you're thinking of eloping, read this first!

    The emotional stress and financial strain of hosting a wedding makes some couples think about eloping as an easier option than walking down the aisle in the big white dress. But what might seem an easier option at the time can have its own set of pitfalls if not handled correctly.

    For every bride and groom-to-be who consider running off and tying the knot in secret when it all gets too hard, we play Devil's Advocate to decipher if this is the best decision for you.

    1. Both parties need to be committed

    Just like a happy marriage, the idea of eloping requires commitment from both sides of the fence - the bride and groom. If one half of the happy couple loves the idea, but the other is dragging their well-manicured wedding toes, then you need to examine both side's

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  10. Decoding wedding dress code: your ultimate 'how to' guide

    Decoding wedding dress code: your ultimate 'how to' guide

    From the fashion-fearless to the trend-benders, wedding dress code can cause angst and confusion for many a wedding guest. Included on your wedding invitation as a seemingly innocent reference, wedding dress code can be a hard nut to crack. Here we share with you some cryptic clues to help you decipher the code and get it right every time:


    Good news for the guys if it's a mid-summer celebration is that no suit and tie is necessary at this nuptial celebration. However, the question remains; how casual is too casual? Acceptable attire for gents includes dress pants and a button-down shirt or polo. Sorry boys, jeans and t-shirts are still out of the question unless specifically mentioned on the invitation. For the ladies, skirts and dress pants teamed with billowing blouses, or a summery sundress would pass the wedding dress code test.

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  11. The 7 Best Gifts to Give Your Parents-in-Law

    The 7 Best Gifts to Give Your Parents-in-Law

    Relationships with your in-laws can be tricky, especially in the leadup to your wedding day. Love them or hate them, they've had just a little bit to do with making the one you've chosen to walk down the aisle with the person they are today.

    So what can you give your parents-in-law to say thank you for their contribution to your wedding and acknowledge their greater role in providing you with the perfect partner? We look at the top seven wedding gifts that are guaranteed to win your way into the good books with your soon-to-be spouse's family.

    1. Engraved bullet bottle opener

    Speak a language your father-in-law will understand by giving him not only a new bottle opener for his favourite

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  12. How to survive the week before your wedding

    How to survive the week before your wedding

    bride and groom photo

    Your wedding day is allegedly one of the happiest days of your life. In the crucial pre-wedding week, with all the last-minute preparations, conflicting opinions, and multiple personalities (and we're not just talking Bridezilla) to contend with, how is anyone expected to still be smiling on their wedding day? Here we share with you our expert survival guide for making it down the aisle intact.

    Communication and connection

    It's normal and more common than not, for both the bride and groom to feel a mix of nerves, anxiety, stress and excitement in the lead-up to their wedding day. To survive your pre-wedding week, communicate clearly with one another about how you're feeling and be mindful of the pressures on both of you. It might help to take some time out from the wild ride of wedding planning, even just for a couple of hours or so, to be together and away from your worries, not to mention the well-meaning family and friends who have begun

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  13. How to include your fur babies in your wedding day

    How to include your fur babies in your wedding day

    For some couples, no nuptials would be complete without including their favourite four-legged, furry member of the family (and no, we're not talking about Aunt Edna -- think instead the one with the waggly tail). If your pampered pooch, feisty feline, or even precocious piglet is a must in your wedding day celebrations, we offer the following tips to make sure you don't go barking mad.

    1. Propose with your pooch

    Some grooms say they included their furry friends in their proposal because they thought it would increase their chances of getting a positive response! They don't call them man's best friend for nothing. All jokes aside, if your furry sidekick helped your groom pop the all-important question, chances are this may reserve them a spot in your nuptial

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  14. 5 ways to decide the best month to get married

    5 ways to decide the best month to get married

    Like most aspects of your wedding day, choosing the right month to get married comes down to your individual personality, desired theme and preferences as a couple. According to Business Insider, March is the busiest month for couples to tie the knot down under, closely followed by November. Choosing the best month to get married depends on a number of individual factors. Here we share with you our top five tips for timing it right.

    1. Is the price right?

    When planning a wedding, do your research about when is considered 'peak season' for different destinations. As a general rule, spring through to autumn is peak wedding season, with the exclusion of mid-summer due to extreme temperatures in certain areas. Planning a wedding in the off-season (July being the quietest month for weddings in Australia), may help to reduce your costs and give you free range on venues that may be booked during

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  15. Forecasted wedding trends for 2017

    Forecasted wedding trends for 2017

    Wedding trends are like flowers. They grow, bloom and die out every season. Some return the next year with a fuller crop, while others only maintain a scattering of blooms. We look at which blossoms are expected to reappear in 2017 and those that may have had their day in the sun.


    Metallics are still tipped to be the front-runners for wedding colour palettes in 2017. However popular opinion is moving away from the glittering golds and sparkling silvers to softer, more muted metallic tones. Experts are also tipping khaki to make a comeback in wedding colour schemes in the new year.


    Continuing with the metallic trend, couples due to tie-the-knot will be setting the scene with mirror

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  16. Top song playlists for weddings

    When selecting your ultimate wedding playlist, it's important to pick a mix that will not only appeal to your possibly eclectic assortment of guests (think Aunty Edna to your cousin's bikie boyfriend), but also choose a range of tunes that showcases your unique identity as a couple. Here we take a look at some factors that might influence the musical persuasions for your big day and recommend some wedding favourites for every genre.


    Party package


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  17. What do you love most about your fiancée?

    What do you love most about your fiancée?

    We recently ran a competition and asked the question: what do you love most about your fiancée? We had such an overwhelming response with over 1000 fabulous answers; we couldn't possibly keep them to ourselves.  We had a number of entries from females, AND MEN telling us what they loved most about their other half.

    Here are some of the best ( and funniest ) answers we received from our lovely customers and facebook followers:

    What do you love most about your fiancée?

    He gave me the most precious thing in my life - my daughter !! Better than diamonds or flow

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  18. We're Married! So now what?

    We're Married! So now what?

    Congratulations, you both nailed it. Boom, you’re married!

    Countless hours of planning, maybe some tears and quite a few champagnes and now wonderful memories to look back on. As quickly as it comes, it’s over which is the sad part. The honeymoon was bliss and you’re now both rocking it as the best husband and wife team.

    While you gear up for life as husband and wife, there are often some tasks that get overlooked. You know, the ones that make us go “Aw that’s right, that has to be done..”Updating your details can be a drawn out process which many of us leave on the back burner for a while. Preserving our wedding memories are just as important but these tasks can also get lost among our busy schedules.

    What do you do with all the left over wedding things? Don’t forget about your ‘Thank you’ cards but we will get to that later.

    Let’s take a journey with an after marriage to-do list! We will try and make this as exciting as humanly possible.

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  19. REAL WEDDING: Beth & Tom, 7th May 2016

    REAL WEDDING: Beth & Tom, 7th May 2016

    Ever wondered what it would be like to get married in the Historical Queen Victoria Building? It would be amazing right?! With soaring ceilings, magnificent Baccarat crystal chandeliers and timeless design, The Tea Room is a grand open planned space, perfect for a wedding! Our friends Beth and Tom, recently had their dream wedding in this very place on the 7th of May, 2016.

    Located in what was once the original Grand Ballroom of the landmark Queen Victoria Building, The Tea Room epitomises style and quality. Beth described it as 'very "us", a mix of tradition and fun, history and colour.'

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  20. How to Survive your Daughter's Wedding

    How to Survive your Daughter's Wedding

    Planning a wedding is not an easy feat. There are so many things to consider and more often than not, it can be a stressful experience. As the Mother of the Bride, the best thing to do is to acknowledge how hard it can be planning a wedding and to be as helpful and supportive as possible.

    Here are some helpful responsibilities Mums can take care of:

    • Help find & get quotes on ceremony locations
    • Help the bride choose her wedding dress
    • Assist the bride with the guest list.
    • Determine what the bride wants you to wear on the special day. Then consult with the mother of the groom so you can both coordinate your elegance.
    • Attend and help organise the bridal shower/hens night
    • Assist with preparing and organising wedding
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  21. Personalised Wedding Vows

    Personalised Wedding Vows

    Your  personalised wedding vows reflect the essence of your relationship and direct what happens after the wedding. They state what actions you commit to doing to create and grow your marriage.

    Your wedding vows should come from deep inside, it should make your heart flutter, beat faster and emit beautiful emotions toward your partner.

    Your friends and family will witness you being venerable, strong, beautiful and completely in-love.

    Take a moment in your mind and enjoy these words. Enjoy the reactions, tears and smiles as you speak to one-another through your heart.

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  22. Wedding Flower Mistakes to Avoid

    Wedding Flower Mistakes to Avoid

    The Knot asked top wedding florists from around Australia for the most common mistakes brides make - here's what your florist wishes you knew.


    1. Not communicating with your florist

    When choosing a supplier you must pick one who you feel you can openly communicate with, and who you feel understands the overall look you are trying to achieve. This means that even if all the flowers you always wanted are not in season they can achieve the look you want. They understand textures and colours more than you realise, and as they also know what flowers are available at different times of year, they can use material you never would have considered together to achieve the most beautiful displays. - Hanna Evans from Brides in Bloom Briohney from Plumbago Flower

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  23. How to give the Best Wedding Speech

    How to give the Best Wedding Speech

    After a lengthy office discussion, we have decided speeches can be either funny or sentimental. We all know that even for the best of us, speeches aren't easy. Wedding speeches especially, take a lot of preparation and thought. You have been given the honour to say a few words at your best mate's wedding, it better be good.

    To make sure your next speech is remembered and talked about for years to come (in a good way) We have complied a list of points to think about when preparing for a wedding speech. Therefore, in order to shed some light on the etiquette of speeches and give you some inspiration, here are Personalised Favours do's and don'ts, when making a Wedding speech.

    Attention: Best Man, please stand up!

    Lets start with the Best Man, after all, once he is out of the way everyone in the room is able to relax. Generally, it is the best man who's sets the bar and pulls out all the jokes. So if you're not that funny, breath a sigh of relief. The Best Man may

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  24. Real Engagement of Alex and Kate

    Real Engagement of Alex and Kate

    Congratulations to our friends on their fantastic news!

    Alex had us make a wooden puzzle and each piece represented a special occasion or event in their lives together.

    Kate was met at each location with a piece of the puzzle and Alex was at the end to meet Kate down on one knee. Here are some photos form their magical engagement..

    wooden puzzleAlex and Kate proposalAlex and Kate

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  25. REAL WEDDING - Josh & Megan Reid

     REAL WEDDING - Josh & Megan Reid

    When Josh & Megan contacted us to place an order for their wedding favours, I was instantly excited as I have known this couple for a few years now.

    This lovely June wedding was held at Lake Macquarie at the popular Rafferty's Resort on the water. The weather was showing signs of on-going rain, but as the wedding commenced the sun showed itself to the party and made for some spectacular photos. The detail and love that went into planning this wedding was evident to all their closest family members and friends, who all had such a memorable time.

    When: 14th June 2014
    Where: Mecure Lake Maquarie Rafferty's Resort
    Photographer: Jodie Reardon
    Wedding Cake: Cakes by Kyla
    Wedding Stationary: Creative Escapade
    Wedding Favours: Personalised Wedding Favours
    Bridal Part Gifts: Personalised Wedding Favours Josh & Megan chose our

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  26. Real Wedding: Mitch & Anne

     Real Wedding: Mitch & Anne

    Personalised Favours were lucky enough to attend the beautiful wedding of Mitch Braund and Anne Patterson over the weekend. Take a sneak peek how the creative pair enjoyed their big day and see if it'll ignite some wedding ideas of your own!

    Mr & Mrs Braund - 22.03.2014 - Always & Forever

    The gorgeous couple created a spectacular day, with their wedding taking place on the beautiful Avoca Beach, NSW. The setting provided a stunning backdrop, and was a delight to be a part of.

    Ceremony AnneMitchAnneMitch

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