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Teacher Gifts

  1. Trending Teacher Gifts Under $20

    Trending Teacher Gifts Under $20

    Has homeschooling given you a new appreciation for teachers?

    Show your support and gratitude with our range of personalised trending teacher gifts under $20.

    Teachers bring education to life for our kids, and together with their schools, they play a hugely important role in a child’s development.

    The global pandemic and the transition to online, at-home learning has emphasised the vital social connection that schools provide, as well as the dedication of teachers who have worked hard to keep their students engaged and stimulated under such difficult circumstances.

    It goes without saying that teachers deserve to have their incredible work recognised; however, there are rules around what kind of gifts teaches can accept, and these can vary from state to state.

    To be safe and gift ethically, it’s best to hand over your present at the end of school ter

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    Teachers are the backbone of our education system. They nurture our children’s interests, provide them the tools to thrive and offer a positive and safe learning space.

    It’s no secret that 2020 has been a turbulent year for our Teachers, Educators and Students. Teachers have had to adapt the way they do their lessons, assignments and homework to adhere with COVID restrictions.

    As this year draws closer to the end, it’s time to show a little appreciation to our superstars and to just remind them that we are thankful for all that they do.

    Here are our top picks for 2020:

    Cork Band Reusable Coffee Cup

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  3. The Top 7 Teacher Gifts for 2019

    The Top 7 Teacher Gifts for 2019

    teacher bookmark

    There’s no doubt that teachers make an incredible difference in the lives of our children. Every day, through their work inside and outside the classroom, they are helping us to raise the next generation of leaders, innovators and influencers.

    While the apple on the desk is a time-honoured favourite, today’s teacher deserves a personalised gift that shows them just how much they’ve meant to your family.

    In celebration of World Teacher Day – celebrated in Australia on Friday 25 October  – we’ve rounded up the top seven teacher gifts for 2019 that’ll guarantee you an A+.

     1. Thanks, you’ve ‘bean’ great

    Other than wine, it’s probably the number one substance that every teacher needs in their before- and after-school arsenal.

    Coffee keeps them pepped and ready to tackle whatever our little angels have to throw at them, day after day, so why not help them to caffeinate in style?

    Gift you

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  4. Be the Teacher's Pet with These Great Gift Ideas

    Be the Teacher's Pet with These Great Gift Ideas

    girl learning at school

    They're the patient angels who teach our kids their A-B-Cs and 1-2-3s, put up with their germs and jokes, and generally make a huge difference in their lives. In celebration of World Teachers' Day this Friday 26 October, we've compiled the best gifts for the teacher who is changing your child's world. 

    1. A stylish writing piece that says "hand's off!" in the staff room

    Writing countless reports and marking endless essays can really take its toll on a teacher's hand (not to mention their ballpoint) - so why not give them something functional, comfortable and beautiful to write with instead? The Christmas Engraved Crystal Pen adds a little sparkle to the thankless everyday tasks faced by teachers, and complete with inbuilt stylus, this clever teacher's gift is the perfect tech-savvy present to pair with a range of devices.

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