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  1. Social Media Wedding Etiquette: Essential Bride and Groom Guide

    Social Media Wedding Etiquette: Essential Bride and Groom Guide

    From the second that ring is slipped onto your finger, you're faced with the daunting task of sharing your nuptial news with your family and friends, as well as your wider social networks. And news travels fast in this hyper-connected world of ours, so it's easy to understand how your journey to the altar can be tracked, tagged and tweeted via social media every step of the way. To make sure you do it with dignity, we share with you the secrets of this modern-day minefield and help you successfully navigate social media wedding etiquette.

    Engagement Announcements:

    • Tell your immediate family first.
      While it's tempting to immediately shout your engagement news to the world via your socials, a phone call home first
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  2. We're Married! So now what?

    We're Married! So now what?

    Congratulations, you both nailed it. Boom, you’re married!

    Countless hours of planning, maybe some tears and quite a few champagnes and now wonderful memories to look back on. As quickly as it comes, it’s over which is the sad part. The honeymoon was bliss and you’re now both rocking it as the best husband and wife team.

    While you gear up for life as husband and wife, there are often some tasks that get overlooked. You know, the ones that make us go “Aw that’s right, that has to be done..”Updating your details can be a drawn out process which many of us leave on the back burner for a while. Preserving our wedding memories are just as important but these tasks can also get lost among our busy schedules.

    What do you do with all the left over wedding things? Don’t forget about your ‘Thank you’ cards but we will get to that later.

    Let’s take a journey with an after marriage to-do list! We will try and make this as exciting as humanly possible.

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  3. Would you let loose and trash the Dress?

    Would you let loose and trash the Dress?

    Trash the dress is a style of wedding photography where the bride creatively destructs her wedding dress (generally with water or mud) to achieve an artistic photo.

    "Trashing the Dress" shoots are becoming more popular, with brides jumping at the opportunity to put their wedding dress back on after the wedding and let loose.
    Some brides may choose to have their photos taken in locations such as beaches, waterfalls or farms however some have also been known to choose locations such as busy city streets, rooftops or old abandoned buildings - the opportunities are as creative as you allow yourself to be.


    This bride married a fire fighter so she decided to light her dress on fire to achieve this amazing "joan of arc" shot. I hope her husband was standing by with a fire hose after the shoot!

    Alex and Kate proposal

    Image by John Michael Cooper


    I really love the trashing of the dress in water. You can achieve beautiful water reflections and textures in the photo.
    Here are a few of my favourites!


    Image by Debbie Daanen


    Image by Gonzalo Nuñez

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