The events of the past few months have taught us many things and one truth that’s been thrust into the spotlight is the health of our Aussies. Despite the fact that our health and hospital system is pretty solid, it’s important to highlight the importance of getting the right access to support services and take care of not just out own well-being but that of those we love.

With this in mind, we have selected 5 Australian charities and organisations that are helping to get out nation and its men in a healthy headspace.


This fantastic foundation focuses on the health and wellbeing through mentoring programs for boys ages 10-24. They equip young and underprivileged boys with the social skills they need to succeed in school and prosper in life. You can get involved by donating, joining their virtual fun run, volunteering or becoming a business partner.


Established by the NSW Central Coast-based Ngaimpe Aboriginal Corporation, this organisation offers drug and alcohol rehabilitation support for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous backgrounds. You can support The Glen Centre by donating, volunteering or offering social support such as garden care and boardroom hire.


Among everything this year has thrown at us, we tend to forget that we started the year off with devastating bushfires. The posttraumatic stress inflicted on our rural communities has been heartbreaking and for these communities and families, moving on with normal life has not been an easy ride.

Their disaster assistance program has helped put food on the table as well as help farmers feed their animals. They also offer counselling services to those deeply affected by the floods / drought.

You can help support Rural Aid by fundraising or volunteering in their ‘Farm Army’ program.


This is a national advocacy program focusing on the health of indigenous people and has become an indispensable support for LGBTQI peoples of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent. This program is 100% indigenous owned and operated.

You can support Black Rainbow with a direct donation, or buying a t-shirt. All profits go to micro-grants that the organisation then provides to minority-operated caused in their communities.


This foundation was initially founded by the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute (two more leading caused of death among Aussie men). They are unique in the fact that they target and explain health challenges that are unique to men at different decades of their lives. Eg: Cardiac arrest isn’t as preventable in our twenties as it is in our seventies.

Foundation 49 is more of an information resource rather than a charity, but if you are looking to better understand the state of male health in Australia, their resources are easy to read and extremely informative.

If you or someone you know needs help, please also reach out to Lifeline for support. You are not alone and there are always people who will listen. 13 11 14