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  • Real Weddings: Mr and Mrs Smith
    May 26, 2016

    Real Weddings: Mr and Mrs Smith

    Photographer: Leiafae Weddings Meet Hayley and Brady. They met five years ago, got engaged in November and were married last month in a beautifully intimate ceremony in rural NSW. We'll be joining them throughout 2018, as they navigate the ups...

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  • If you're thinking of eloping, read this first!
    November 27, 2014

    If you're thinking of eloping, read this first!

    The emotional stress and financial strain of hosting a wedding makes some couples think about eloping as an easier option than walking down the aisle in the big white dress. But what might seem an easier option at the time...

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  • Indoor vs. outdoor wedding
    January 23, 2014

    Indoor vs. outdoor wedding

    It can be a big decision for many couples planning a wedding - do you take a chance on Mother Nature and plan your perfect day outdoors or search for an indoor venue that suits your needs? Here we investigate...

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  • December 26, 2013

    Top song playlists for weddings

    When selecting your ultimate wedding playlist, it's important to pick a mix that will not only appeal to your possibly eclectic assortment of guests (think Aunty Edna to your cousin's bikie boyfriend), but also choose a range of tunes that...

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  • Top 5 destination wedding locations
    September 19, 2013

    Top 5 destination wedding locations

    These days everyone wants a destination wedding. Why make the fun end after only one day, when you can gather your nearest and dearest together for a week-long celebration of you and your betrothed? We have scoured the country and...

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  • What do you love most about your fiancée?
    July 25, 2013

    What do you love most about your fiancée?

    We recently ran a competition and asked the question: what do you love most about your fiancée? We had such an overwhelming response with over 1000 fabulous answers; we couldn't possibly keep them to ourselves. We had a number of...

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  • Top 15 ways to Personalise your Wedding
    May 9, 2011

    Top 15 ways to Personalise your Wedding

    Personalise your wedding from start to finish to create a more intimate and special experience. Have your family and friends feel important to you throughout your wedding with these simple and handy tips: 1. Create a unique wedding sign welcoming...

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  • Colour Crush: Purple & Gold
    April 9, 2011

    Colour Crush: Purple & Gold

    Choosing the right colours for your wedding or engagement party can be a difficult task. There are so many combinations to choose from and it can be a little bit overwhelming. To give you some inspiration, here is one of...

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  • Personalised Wedding Vows
    September 11, 2010

    Personalised Wedding Vows

    Your personalised wedding vows reflect the essence of your relationship and direct what happens after the wedding. They state what actions you commit to doing to create and grow your marriage. Your wedding vows should come from deep inside, it...

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