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Top 15 ways to Personalise your Wedding

Personalise your wedding from start to finish to create a more intimate and special experience. Have your family and friends feel important to you throughout your wedding with these simple and handy tips:

1. Create a unique wedding sign welcoming your guests to your wedding.

2. Include guest names on your invitations.

3. Sand ceremony - Personal moment between bride and groom. It symbolizes bringing together two families or two lives into a single stream.

4. Revisit old memories with the people you love and have photos on display of you and your close friends and family - or even family and friends who may have passed.

photos of family

5. Personalise your toasting glasses for your bridal party and have their names engraved on them. A nice keepsake from the wedding forever.

6. Include a spot on your RSVP card for your guest to have their favourite song played.

7. Send out thank you cards to all your guests. Why not even, have your photographer take photos of every one / couples at your wedding and send it to them as part of your thank you card. A nice thoughtful memento.

8. Design your wedding bands together. So special

9. Give gifts to your bridal party and parents of the bride and groom as a thank you for all they have done for you during your lives.

10. Include bouquet charms to remember family who have past.

bouquet charm

11. Personalize your cake with a bride and groom cake topper! Hilarious!!

12. Include advice coasters for your gusts to fill out during the night

13. Have a creative guest book for your guests to leave photos and sign a message just for you.

guest book

14. Provide recommended accommodation options for your guests on your RSVP cards.


15. Have an entire group photo with everyone from your wedding

group wed

Let us know if you did any of these things at your wedding? How did you personalise your special day? Feel free to email us or share on facebook. We'd love to hear from you.

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